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January 8, 2010

Using PLR Correctly to Achieve Successful Results

If you’ve been thinking of entering the online marketing world then no doubt you have come across the term PLR. So, what exactly is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Private Label Rights is simply content that has been written previously by someone else for use by others. There are many different ways you can purchase PLR. You can buy content packages in your particular niche or you can join a membership site that provides unique content on a monthly basis.

PLR products provide any online business owner the opportunity to make money with very little overhead, and the great thing is, you now have content that is targeted to driving traffic to your online business.

For example, if your website or blog dealt with “stay at home moms,” you would purchase article packs covering different topics in the “stay at home mom” world. You could use these articles to add valuable content to your website each week to keep your existing visitors happy and to draw new ones in. Additionally, you can use that same content to promote affiliate programs or products you have produced on your own.

Before you dive into using PLR, you must first understand what your rights are as a PLR buyer/owner. Private Label Rights products entitle you to rewrite any or all of the content as you see fit and put your name on the finished product. Although you did not write it, you have the right to claim it as your own.

Any reputable PLR site will provide a list of the ways that you are allowed to use or not use the content that you purchase from them. Each one is slightly different though so make sure you read and understand this important list first before moving forward and using the content.

Finding and posting great content can be extremely time consuming for anyone growing an information business online. But, in order to be successful, you must consistently provide unique content to your readers. This is what makes PLR so appealing. The fact that you are allowed to use this content for your website or blog makes it extremely valuable. The time you save can be put to use developing other more important aspects of your business.

Be aware that PLR does have a downside. There are hundreds of others privileged to use this same content. You must take care to make this material your own before using it on your site, articles or blogs. This is the only way to keep the search engine gods happy…as well as your faithful visitors.

Rewriting PLR content is not as difficult as you might imagine. Here are a few tips:

  1. Use a Ghostwriter. Hiring a ghostwriter to start from scratch to create a product for you can be very expensive…particularly for the newcomer. On the other hand, hiring them for a rewrite is less costly and can produce great results. Simply ask your ghostwriter to do a paragraph by paragraph rewrite, using different words but keeping the same feel. Before you publish your articles, check them over carefully.
  2. Use a software program created for this purpose. These can be helpful tools, but you must be careful that the feel of the article does not change. Furthermore, these programs sometimes substitute synonyms that turn your article into complete rubbish. Always recheck it closely before using this rewritten content.
  3. New Graphics. Even if your PLR comes with graphics, it is wise to have your own graphics made and change these up. Remember, there will be others using the same PLR and using the same book cover as others will be a dead giveaway. Adding pictures and other graphics to the content will make your product stand out from the rest. Using screen print images easily demonstrates what you are trying to convey and it further engages the reader.

    There are free graphics available online as well as many sites that charge a nominal fee for use of graphics. One way or another, make sure these graphics are “royalty free.” Adding video to go along with your content will really up the value of your product.

  4. Change up your own PLR product. If you enjoy writing and have the time, changing up PLR will not take nearly as long as creating something from scratch. It’s much easier to rewrite portions of an existing article…than to create an article from scratch.
  5. Using relevant keywords and links that have been provided with your PLR can help you to monetize your site. Simply add the links provided, or add in your own affiliate links.

As you can see, PLR is worth its weight in gold and it is worth your time and effort to discover the many different ways of using and making this content your own. PLR is a time-saving, efficient way of providing information online. Don’t miss out on a surefire way to increase the success of your online business or blog.

Kathy Dobson is a free spirited business owner and entrepreneur dedicated to helping others achieve financial and personal freedom through Internet marketing with an emphasis on membership sites. Learn more about membership sites please visit: For further tips and resources visit: