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January 25, 2010

Video Discovery Is Important! Optimize Video Description Tags A Must Process!

The second most important video tag that helps you on YouTube is the video description tag. This tag can be up to 10000 charters long or about 160 words.

YouTube love very descriptive and detailed video tags, here’s what YouTube says about this on their site: “The more information you include, the easier it is for users to find your video!”

It is very important to understand that only the first 120 characters of the description will be displayed when someone searches on the YouTube site, so it is important to include your important keyword search terms in the first 20 words of your description. These 20 words will show up in the results in bold print.

You should include URLS linking back to relevant webpages at your website within the first 20 words of your description tags. Your URL’s will be clickable if they are typed in using “http: // www ” in the link for example would not show as a clickable link. But if you replace with “http:// www. ” your link will be clickable. May I suggest when you use our detailed information to put your newspaper articles on video that you think about using a article to video converter program.

The reason you want to put a link in your description video tag at YouTube is because this is the only location within YouTube where you can place a link that will be clickable by The YouTube viewers who discover your video.

The first thing people think when some tells them that only 120 characters will be displayed for your description is they only write a description 120 charters in length. Unfortunately this is not good practice. Just because there are only 120 characters displayed does not mean that the remaining 140 words do noting, because that is the farthest thing from the truth. Actual a longer description will help your video get discovered easier than a short description.You could save a lot of time processing the valuable information we are providing in our article today by using a very useful video marketing tool which is an article converter.

It’s amazing what a bad habit of writing short video descriptions will do to your chances of your article getting discovered on YouTube. I think there is a major misconception of mindset that people watch video they donot read a video description. This is a fallacy that will doom your video to be sitting in video la-la land where no one can discover it. If you keep anything from this article is he fact that longer descriptions will give your video a better chance of being discovered. Youtube provides some advice on writing video description. It says, “To best promote your video, you’ll want its description to be both accurate and interesting”

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Make your description clear and specific. You want your video to stand out from the crowd. Try to determine what content it contains that will help users find it and distinguish it from other videos. Using descriptive language in complete sentences is a good idea. In addition, many people will read the description while watching a video, especially if it starts slowly. So if you use opening credits or a lengthy exposition, then make sure your description tells a good story as your video does. And, if your video has a “surprise ending” do not spoil it by revealing “the car mechanic did it” in your written description. If you plan on using our detailed article information to turn newspaper articles into video I would like to suggest you use a article converter to save lots of time.

Categorize correctly: The category into which you place your video relates directly to your video description also. Video viewers at YouTube and other video sites are more likely to discover your video and rate it positively if you place your video in the correct category. There are some videos that could be placed in multiple video categories. One point I want to make is not all categories are created equal. There many categories that are more popular than others. You would think you would want your video listed in the more popular video categories but this is not necessarily true. What you need to remember is that the more popular a category is the more competition your video will be up against. If you have a small website and you are on a shoe string budget you may want to list your video in one of the less popular categories. Amazingly you may get more website traffic going this route. A good way to check is to go to and examine the individual browse pages for relevant categories. Then select the category that seems “best” If that doesn’t work, then always change the category of your video later by following theses steps:

If you plan on using our detailed article information to turn newspaper articles into video I would like to suggest you use a article converter to save lots of time.

  1. go to MY Videos page.
  2. Click the edit video info button next to your video.
  3. Choose the radio button for your new category within the video category section.
  4. Click the upgrade video info button to save your video information.

I want to thank you for reading my article about newspaper articles on video. Have a great day!

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