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February 10, 2010

Amazing Details What Is Video Optimization And Info On Article To Video Converter!

What Is Video Optimization? It’s amazing that many veteran marketers have a tendency to be totally surprised when they learn that Youtube accounts for more that 99 percent (you can check these stats at comScore Video Metrix) of all videos viewed at Google sites. Wow! That means that Google video accounts for less than 1 percent. And they are also very surprised to see YouTube does not crawl the web looking for videos. Ok,what does this mean? Well that means that most videos are not found on Google video accounts, and that is alarming considering that more than 3 billion expanded search queries a month are conducted on YouTube (you can check these stats at comScore Video qSearch 2.0). This is excellent info to have if you plan on converting your articles to video using an article to video converter.

It’s amazing how many marketers in the online SEO community still do not understand that YouTube is the main player in the online video market today, and that they should not be concentrating their efforts on video search optimization, but pouring their efforts into learning how Youtube works. YouTube accounted for 79 percent of all U.S visits to online video sites in February 2009 (you can check this stat at Hitwise), Google Video received the second highest percentage of visits at 4.6 percent. This statistic alone, should signal that you need to concentrate your efforts at Youtube if you plan on converting your articles to video using an article to video converter.

There are differences in these percentages because Hitwise and comScore use different methods in their statistics. ComScore includes sites with video content,such as Viacom Digital’s Comedy Central, while Hitwise only looks at 60 of the leading online video specific websites. Their sample sizes and methodologies may also differ but that’s not the point I making here,no mater which set of statistics you look at YouTube is by far the dominant player. Video search engines even collectively have only a small slice of the market share totaling only in the single digits. If you plan on converting your articles to video using an article to video converter make sure you do your creation with YouTube in mind.

Now I am not trying to say the search engine industry is old news because it is not. It’s still a very import part of any online marketers marketing strategy. I am just pointing out if you plan on marketing online videos you need to listen to what Youtube is doing because their results speak for themselves. I am suggesting you need to switch your online video marketing strategy away from concentrating 90 percent of your efforts on optimizing website video for video search engines, which have less than 10 percent share of the market. Instead,focus 90 percent of your efforts on Youtube when you think about turning your articles to video using an article to video converter. Even Yahoo! Video doesn’t crawl websites anymore, Google Video has a market share in the low single digits, and other video search engines have even less. We need to face facts, and understand that Youtube is the overwhelming winner when it comes to online videos and they are here to stay.

So I want to be helpful and define some terms:

  • Video optimization means optimizing video for both types of online video sites.
  • Youtube optimization means optimizing video for YouTube search.
  • Video search engine optimization means optimizing website video for Google Video and other video search engines.

Now that we have define what video optimation is, we need to take note of what it is not.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the best formats for uploading. It doesn’t have anything to do with video format, aspect ratio, resolution, audio format, frames per second, maximum length, and maximum file size. When I talk about video optimization, I’m talking about editing a video’s metatag and content in order to improve it’s search result rankings. For videos on YouTube, this means that when you are looking at creating articles to videos using an article video converter editing the title and description tags becomes very important to increase views and improving your video’s ratings. These video optimization techniques are important to help people discover a video, which is what video optimization is all about.

Well that concludes my article about Youtube Top Favorites. Have a great day and the the best of luck to you on coverting your articles to video!

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