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February 15, 2010

How To Strategically Increase Your Google Page Rank

Every person who owns a website or blog dreams of receiving a free flood of targeted traffic from the Google search engine.

While comprehensive SEO, search engine optimization, might be too complicated for the average online entrepreneur there are many things you can easily do to proactively enhance your website for the search engines.

Your first step will be to know your current Google page rank. Just type in google page rank into your google search bar, pull up the website and follow the directions.

Your website or blog will receive a score ranging from 0-10. The higher your score, the more points or votes Google as given your website. In essence, a higher score makes is easier for you to show up in organic searches for your key words.

There are several factors Google considers when giving you a page ranking. Some of them are: domain age, inbound links, internal links, and what kind of sites you are linked to.

Google has other criteria, but links are the easiest factors for you to use to strategically raise your Google ranking.

If your Google page rank is a 0 that probably means that you have a relatively new website. Remember, Google uses your domain age as one of its factors. So a brand new site will naturally rank lower than a site that is 2-5 years of age or older.

While you can’t do anything about the domain age of your site you can create as many links to and within your site as you have time and energy for.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to create links within and without your site…

  1. Link relevant posts in your blog. At the end of each blog post put a link of 2-5 other relevant posts that you have written. Also make sure all your of the main pages on your site link together link your home page having a clickable link to your resources page.
  2. Write articles and put them in article directories like Ezine articles, Articles Base and Go Articles. Every article you write has a resource box that you can put a mini-commercial in with a link back to your site.
  3. Write testimonials for your favorite mentor, coach, etc. They will love it and most likely put the testimonial on their site, with a link back to your site of course. Added strategy…look for people who have higher ranking sites to link to.Linking to a site with a Google ranking of 3 “counts” more than linking to a site with a ranking of 1. In other words, having 2 links to sites with a Google page rank of 5 will count more that linking to 20 sites with a Google page rank of 0 or 1.
  4. Search around the internet for highly ranking Blogs that are relevant to your site. Read the posts and then write something in the comment section. Almost all blogs have a place for you to put a link back to your website. You’ll also get the attention of the Blog owner opening up the door for connections and relationship building.
  5. Create videos and upload them to video sharing sites like Youtube an MetaCafe, Facebook, Twitter, other social sites like Ning and relevant forums. Videos are quickly becoming the most effective marketing tool on the web. It’s time to leverage your content and get it out there is the most effective way.

This is just a small sampling of strategic an fun ways to create back links that will improve your Google page ranking. You are only limited by your creativity and imagination. Go for it!

Marketing your business on the internet and increasing your Google page ranking can be easy and fun with the right support. Becky Kimes is an internet marketing specialist who helps online entrepreneurs create thriving, heart-centered businesses. Visit her and discover how to effectively market your business and create the prosperity you desire and deserve.