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February 17, 2010

3 Help Guides to Increase Your Website’s Conversion

As part of my search engine optimization service, I evaluate client’s web design and web contents. I do this right after I finish checking their market demands. When they do not have a website, I create one for them. For me this is much easier than redesigning an incorrectly designed website.

Why A Website That Converts Traffic is a Good Website:

The first benefit is you will get more calls and inquiries. When your website builds a bond with your prospects, they are definitely going to contact you to inquire further. There is a reason why they are on your website, to seek your service or product. This means more prospects which could mean increased sales!

The second benefit is that you get to capture their contact information, even if they are only on the finding information stage. Through continued contact, you can be their selected vendor when they are ready.

What Happens When Your Website Converts Traffic Into Prospects?

I’ve had clients who expressed interest in what the internet ccould do for their business. when I explained the many opportunities that could open up for them when they went online, they were astounded. And now, they are testimonials to how powerful the internet can be, if done properly.

One client receives up to 40 new inquiries per month. Now, they do not have to worry about getting new clients as their phone and emails are ringing off the phone.

My business partner has expanded her music school twice in 6 months and has to hire 2 staff to handle the calls. In addition, they have increased the prices of the music lessons as they want to attract premium clients who pay well for her excellent services. She enjoys predictable demand and can plan expansion accordingly.

When your website moves from an online brochure to lead generating tool, you can free up more time to grow your business, service your clients well and even select well-paying and kind clients to work with.

So How To Increase Website Conversion?

Tip 1) Segment your target audience.

Determine who your target audiences are and build a page for them with layouts and contents that would make them feel special. Many companies create their website from their services and products, however seriously, no one is really interested in what you sell. They are interested in how you can help them. By personalizing their page, you can speak to them and build a connection in order to get them to contact you.

Tip 2) Reduce the choices

People do not like to make choices. When given too many choices, they do not make a choice. In addition, it is ideal to assume that people who land on your website are easily confused. In fact, the truth is that your website layout might feel idiot-proof because the ideas spring from your head, however people completely new to your business might not feel the same.

Solution: De-clutter the website. Think through of a process of how you want your prospects to navigate through your website. Home ‘> Find Their Profile ‘> Contact You. And create the flow as simple as possible and reduce the options.

Tip 3) Provide an irresistible call for action

Anyone that lands on your website is important. And it is your goal to capture them! Critical, necessary and you must do everything to get them to contact or leave their contact details for you.

Tell them the next step. Ask them to sign up for a free report. Ask them to give you a call. Add you on facebook. Read your blog. You must tell them what you want them to do next. Always communicate with your contacts. Then you can build a database of prospective clients who are only a call away from buying your products.

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