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March 24, 2010

What Benefits Your Online Business more Automating or Building a Relationship with Your List

Anyone who has been involved in a legitimate online business for any length of time will have heard the statement “the money is in the list”. While this is true there is also another phrase that one hears repeatedly and that is “the importance of automating your business”.

Both these statements have a great deal of truth in them and using an auto-responder to collect names addresses and send out regular emails is an essential part of running a successful internet marketing campaign.

The point to consider though is whether you should rely on these pre-written automated newsletters alone or if you should also send broadcast messages to the subscribers on your email list keeping them abreast of up to the minute news and giving them information that can be of benefit to them.

Let’s face it, if you want to build a successful and profitable list of subscribers, it is important to remember that every time a newsletter gets sent out to an email address there is a real flesh and blood person at the receiving end who is going to be reading and responding in some way to that message.

It is very true that the money is in the list but you need to keep in mind when you have these pre-written newsletters that over a period of time they can become stale and outdated. So from time to time it is necessary to check them and see that the information you are sending out still applies and discard anything that becomes obsolete. A good idea would be to go through these letters every six months or so to be sure that what you are sending out is still relevant.

In addition send out a broadcast weekly or more often if you prefer, with topical information, and learn to build a relationship with your email subscribers if you want a responsive and profitable list. An automated emailing system has a lot of benefits and is well worth having so long as you don’t just rely on that entirely if you want your readers to remain on your list and become customers as well.

A simple method to use for building a list is to advertise with a squeeze page and every time anyone signs up for your newsletter through your squeeze page they will automatically be added to your mailing list by your auto-responder service and they will begin to receive your newsletters. If they enjoy what they read and like the products you are offering there is a good chance that they will purchase from you.

Then it is up to you to start building a relationship with them so that they can become regular customers as this is what will pay the bills for your legitimate online business.

Another way to keep your subscribers up to date and interested in what you do is to set up your auto-responder to notify them whenever you make a new post on your blog. In this way they will be receiving regular information from you and it doesn’t require any extra work.

Finally keep in mind that what matters most in making your online business successful is not so much the size of your list it is more the responsiveness and the amount of money that your subscribers are happy to spend with you.

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