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March 29, 2010

Compare Article Marketing and Pay Per Click Marketing for Your Internet Based Opportunities

Using both article marketing and pay per click marketing among many other forms of advertising for their online business opportunities is common- place for the majority of experienced internet marketers.

As a beginner choosing between article marketing and pay per click (PPC) the benefits of article marketing far outweigh the risks involved in PPC marketing for your online income based business.

These are some of the differences between the two forms of advertising that can help you decide which will be of greater benefit for your online business.

One very big advantage that article marketing has over pay per click, especially for a beginner is that even at the lowest level you can still benefit a start getting traffic even if it is only a little bit each month. Getting a trickle of leads at no cost definitely beats the risk of spending hundreds of dollars experimenting and getting no results from a PPC campaign.

Even if you write and publish an article that is a complete flop and attract no traffic, all you will have lost is possibly and hour or two of your time. Especially if you published it manually on some free article directories, you will not have wasted any money and there is still the benefit of having built a few back-links to your website.

In comparison, if you set up a PPC campaign that bombed, you would find yourself several hundred dollars out of pocket with nothing at all to show for your work. Therefore the risk involved in article marketing is considerably less than that in pay per click marketing.

One of the best benefits of article marketing is that once you have published an article on a few article directories you can pretty much just forget about it and let it do its own work. It makes no difference whether you have just a few articles or thousands of articles published, you never need to do anything with these articles again, they will still continue to bring targeted traffic to your website on a regular basis.

If you compare this with pay per click marketing, although it will bring traffic to your online income business much more quickly, you will need to keep monitoring and tracking each campaign and it will only work as long as you are paying for the advertising. Any paid advertising such as pay per click will stop the minute you stop paying for it.

Pay per click is usually a faster and more efficient method of getting targeted traffic to your website but this can quickly be balanced out by being prolific and diligent in publishing article and here are a few points to prove this to you. For example let’s assume that you are getting 1000 click throughs a week for your various pay per click campaigns and your bill is about $50 a week.

For the purpose of this exercise let us say that you get approximately 5 click throughs a week from each article that you have published on any one of the article directories you use. In order to obtain the same number of clicks from your articles as you get from your PPC campaign you would need to have published 200 articles. (200 x 5 clicks per week = 1,000 leads)

So now you need to ask yourself how long it would take for you to publish 200 articles?

Just choose five of the leading article directories to publish your articles on and then publish each of the articles that you write on all five directories. You only have to write 40 articles to get to your target of 200.

So if you can be consistent and write just four articles a week, within ten weeks of your article marketing campaign you will have 200 articles generating quality targeted traffic to your website and if you seriously want to build a successful online income business without spending a great deal of money on advertising, this method will bring you traffic on a regular basis for many years to come.

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