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March 31, 2010

The Exact Strategy I Use to Generate 1000 Fast Visitors To My New Sites

No matter how hard you try to generate traffic to your site, you will fail when you do not have a methodology and a strategy. Traffic building is not as complicated as many would lead you to believe.

Traffic building is really simple and all about “numbers”.

According to,(, there are 1,730,256,608 Internet users across the world. So, remember that it is quite possible to drive 1000 visitors every single day to a website of almost any niche.

The web world is ever changing and you need to constantly search for new traffic sources, test and track them.

Here is the exact strategy I use to drive traffic whenever I launch a new site or blog of almost any niche. Let me tell you that the basic methodology and strategy is the same for any kind of website. It’s all a numbers game!

Foundation work:
Before you decide on a website launch, you need to work on the below points.

  • Niche: Decide your niche based on your interest and expertise. For example, if you are an experienced graphic designer, you may want to set up a blog themed around graphic designing. You may want to provide graphic designing tips, provide latest tools, share your experiences etc..
  • Niche Popularity: Estimate the popularity of your niche by visiting few authority sites, estimating their readership, number of subscribers. You can also estimate the popularity of the niche by randomly checking the daily search count of few keywords using Google keyword suggestion tool.Now, if you think that your niche is popular enough and can easily get 500 – 1000 visitors a day, go ahead.
  • Traffic Sources: Randomly go through few sites in your niche and try to find out their traffic sources. You can use, an excellent tool to find the traffic sources of websites. It is quite an expensive tool ($499 per month), so the other way to estimate the traffic sources is by identifying their backlinks. You can do this using Yahoo Site Explorer.Once you have an idea of where you can promote your website, go ahead to the next step.
  • Plan: Now that you decide your niche, you know how your competitors are working, you know few traffic sources and you know what to write in your blog, make a list of different methods you can apply to promote your site.

It could be something like this,

  • Article marketing
  • PPC
  • Guest posting
  • Forum posting
  • Content Syndication

Now write in detail about what and how you would want to use the above marketing methods. For example,

Article marketing: You can either submit your articles to directories like ezinearticles or publish them to high profile online magazines or you can do both. You can get 10x more traffic and potential clients if you penetrate in targeted markets by contributing your content to online magazines and authority sites.

Here is how you can dig through a lot of clutter and find out some excellent traffic sources.
I use this strategy everytime I need a new traffic source. This is an excellent tool for finding best websites around any niche on the web.. 

It is a social bookmarking site that allows you to bookmark and share your favourite content on the web. It allows you to tag your favourite web page with description for future reference.

You can use this functionality to find great websites.

Go to and type in your query in the search box. Now, you will be given a list of most popular web pages that have been tagged with your search query.

Now, copy the the titles of the articles that have more than 100 bookmarks and search the title in Google with the quotations.

This way, you can find hundreds of websites that published this article and where you can submit your article too.

For example, I typed in the word “website designing” in and found this article that has got 447 bookmarks “12 Killer Tips for Designing in the Browser”

I did Google search with the above selected title and quickly found this authority site which accepts articles related to website designing.

Technorati is a very popular website to find blogs.

Go to and type in your search query.You will now get thousands of results.

Click on “refine search” and filter the results by authority.

You can choose “Any authority”, “Low authority”, “High authority”, “Medium authority”.

Stumbleupon provides a browser toolbar that will help you find great sites based on your specified preferences and categories.

Every time you click on the “Stumble” button on the toolbar, you will be taken to a popular website that matches your personal categories and preferences.

It is a Firefox add-on that helps you discover new and productive websites similar to the one you are browsing. If you are viewing an article, you can discover related articles from different blogs and news sites.

Track your submissions and try to get much out of these new sites by sending exclusive content.

Now make a list of 5 – 10 article directories, 10 forums, 10 guest posting sites.

Website setup:
Use wordpress software to set up your blog or site. Download the wordpress software into your site and select one the themes from

After you enable the desired theme, use feedburner to convert your visitors into RSS subscribers.

Install “All in one SEO” wordpress plugin to optimize your posts.

Content Ideas:
You can get lot of content ideas by going through your competitor sites. Observe their posts, how people are responding to their posts and find out what kind of content people are looking for.

You can also go through to observe the most popular articles on Twitter.

Post 5 – 10 articles on your blog and start promoting in the sites you have previously listed.

Test, test and test! Test all the listed traffic sources. Scrap the ones that aren’t sending you enough traffic and find out new sources.

Rinse and repeat.

Indu Priya is an Internet marketer and blogs at Find out her 3-step process to make money online by grabbing front page rankings in Google with her FREE guide.