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April 16, 2010

5 Resources Every Copywriter Must Have

Copywriting is one of the most vital elements of effective online marketing. The art and science of copywriting includes strategically writing words that will promote a person, a product, business, opinion, or ideas with the ultimate intention of having the reader take some form of action.

Whether you are looking into selling something over the internet or in building traffic by earning links from others, you will need to tell moving stories that will grab attention and will connect with people so that they will respond in the way that you want.

There are many copywriting tutorials and great online copywriting course that you can find online. Some of these online copywriting courses and tutorials are packed with comprehensive lessons and tips in doing the job properly. Some even include in-depth copywriting training complete with references and recommendations from professionals. An online copywriting course that is available in the internet can be downloaded or be bought in a DVD format.

Among the many topics discussed in an online copywriting course are the things that every aspiring copywriter should know how to write. Such topics are:

1. Print Ads

Since most copywriters land in advertising jobs, rookie copywriters should spend some time learning about print advertising. When you understand what makes a print ad effective and sellable, you can then move into learning about other medium such as flyers, yellow pages ads and newsletters. Writing print ads can also be a good way to start creating samples for your own portfolio.

2. Brochures

It is not enough that you sit down and try to write to brochure. You should learn the fundamentals in writing one – how the brochure fits into the buying process, if the brochure will stand alone or be tied in with other mediums and what the selling points will be. You have to know the different types of brochures and then start finding your niche among them.

3. Direct Mail

Writing direct mails broadens your knowledge of writing brochures. Every direct mail package is different. Some may include a sales letter or a response card. Others could include a sales letter and a brochure. Being familiar with direct mails helps you be exposed to a different side of advertising that some advertising agencies specialize in exclusively. This can be a great tool to have if you find out that you enjoy writing direct mails.

4. Commercials

Television commercials will help you learn how to write a matching audio and video output. Creating a 30-second TV commercial script can already be a very good exposure in the world of copywriting. Your script needs to have perfect timing. And while you incorporate audio and video, you will also learn about the use of fonts, graphics and will learn how to play with other effects in the commercial. You can also check out writing for radio commercials as well, while you’re at it. You can make use of both TV and radio commercials as additional materials in your portfolio.

5. Websites

Being able to write copy for websites is a necessity for every copywriter. Even large companies that do not sell products online need a website, so having someone maintaining the company’s website is something every company should do. And this is where you being the copywriter comes in.

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