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April 16, 2010

Reverse Marketing: How to Use Unbiased Reviews to Sell Your Product or Services

Reverse marketing has become the newest trend in marketing for people wanting to sell their goods and services to consumers. How well this marketing concept works depends entirely on what methods you use and how skillful you are at using the various reverse marketing tools available. One of the most overlooked tools in reverse marketing is the Unbiased review. When used correctly this tool can bring many clients to you who are interested in what you have to sell.

How the Unbiased Review Works

For example, say you sell digital cameras. What you will want to do is select three or four digital cameras in a price range including some you sell and some you do not carry. Do your research on each camera and then write an unbiased review of each product. Make sure to list the advantages and disadvantages of each camera including the brands you handle. Do not try and give your product a more biased view as the consumer will quickly catch on.

In your review you might even want to include references to other consumer’s reviews and what the customers had to say about each of these products. You can also include professional reviews from sites that test products.

Make the review as helpful as possible and give specific information that people looking to buy a digital camera will need to make an informed decision. Then at the end of your review tell a little about yourself and mention briefly your business and that you sell digital cameras including some and the main thing here is mention some of the cameras reviewed. By reviewing cameras your store does no carry as part of the review your review will be appealing to the consumer as they will feel you are really trying to provide helpful tips rather than sell them your product line. By writing an unbiased review this feeling will increase and the consumer will be impressed with your candor and your helpfulness. Those who feel that one of the cameras you sell is the right choice will come to you for their purchase simply because they will view you as knowledgeable, helpful, and honest.

Won’t readers of these reviews choose products other than mine?

Of course there is a chance that some consumers will find one of the products that you don’t carry more appealing but, this will happen less often than you might think since they will feel that they have a connection with you through the review and your candor has built up trust in their minds.

How to use the unbiased review if you can’t write one

Many companies don’t use the unbiased review simply because they don’t know how to write a product review. This should not stop you from using this reverse marketing tool. There are websites around that will write the review for you at more than reasonable costs and when you consider that using this tool could result in hundreds of dollars worth of sales.

The unbiased review is simply one of the many tools that you should have in your reverse marketing arsenal to help your business to grow in this depressed economy.

Duncan Wierman is an Ex Software company CEO turned Real Estate Investor and Marketer. Discover how to use creative online marketing methods to generate more business. Duncan is also offering readers a complimentary copy of his lead generation software at