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April 23, 2010

Reverse Marketing: Understanding The Concept

For those in business selling your product or service is vitally important in terms of earning money. However, with the current economic downturn and customers being more conservative about where they spend their hard earned cash, the old ways of marketing simply are not affective anymore. Reverse marketing is a new technique that when used properly can build your client base simply and easily. However, in order to use reverse marketing effectively you have to have a clear understanding of the concepts behind it. This article is designed to help you understand reverse marketing and how it works.

The Old Way of Advertising

The old way of advertising was based on companies actively trying to convince people that they needed their product. To do this companies would use what is known as the hard sale method which simply means they would go out of their way to tell people that their product or service would in some way improve or enrich their lives. Many times in order to sell their product the hidden message in these advertisements were that somehow the consumer was less attractive, less successful, or they were getting less enjoyment out of life than they should be and the only way they could reach their full potential was to purchase a certain product or service.

Companies did not worry that this technique was turning many consumers off since their was plenty of marketing dollars going around and they new that they would convince at least a small group of consumers to try their product by these hard sale tactics. However, when more became scarcer and consumers started shopping more carefully these companies found the hard sales tactics simply no longer worked.

How Reverse Marketing Works

Reverse marketing works by not using hard sale tactics. In some cases reverse marketing means no salesmanship at all. Instead, reverse marketing allows consumers needing your product to come to you by showing them that you are concerned about what they need and that you are savvy enough to help them meet their needs.

Instead of advertising your business and trying to convince people that your product or service is better than the competitors you offer them helpful information in solving their problem or need. This way you are giving the consume practical advice they are looking for at no price. Then at the end of your advice you include a little information about yourself including your website. Since you have talked about their specific issue and using an answer to their query, the consumer does not feel as though you are trying to sell them anything. Those that decide your product or service is for them will then click on your link to see what you have to offer and since you were the one that offered them helpful advise they will be more tempted to buy from you.

Reverse marketing works simply because you are helping the consumer achieve a goal they themselves have without trying to force them to buy anything. The consumer comes to you, not you to them.

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