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April 30, 2010

WordPress Features

The online world is constantly shifting and changing, from the introduction to blogging software like WordPress to the advent of social media marketing. Our entire way of interacting with each other as people is changing as a result of the Internet and its ever changing software platforms.

The Evolution of WordPress

As blogging has become more and more popular, new, web-based, free software like WordPress has appeared on the scene. The WordPress code is accessible by any developer who wants to build a product that works with WordPress. The original platform b2\cafelog has evolved well past the simple blogging functions that it originally encompassed. Since all of the code is open source it has evolved even more quickly than it would otherwise have.

WordPress has turned into a content management, CMS, system, which is software that makes, manages and edits content for a website. The website can be a blog, or it can be any type of website, and WordPress can power the site. One of the great things about using WordPress to update your site content is that you do not need any special programming skills like HTML or PHP. It is the ultimate system of templates, and it is highly customizable.

The website owner can rearrange the site at will, and can easily add pages, logos, shopping carts and most importantly content. It is easy to build entire, functional websites using WordPress at the core. The website owner can easily update copy and add function to their page without redoing the entire site.

WordPress Highlights and Features

The underlying base of WordPress is a system of themes that makes it incredibly easy to build a site whether it is a blog or a retail site. The site creator can update the look and feel of the website as frequently as the wish quickly and easily. It also offers link management, article indexing, blogging, text formatting filters and multiple author support for blogs. It works with services from other blog sites, and it supports Pingback and Trackback. You can also import your content from another blog.

It also offers security like spam checkers and blacklist for user registration and visitor comments, and it also offers password protection for some of the posts. Not only does it offer a wide variety of basic functions, but you can add on literally hundreds of plug-ins that are compatible with the software.

WordPress Goes Professional

Even though WordPress began as an individual communication tool, it has demonstrated that it also has a lot to offer the business world. Because it is simple to use, and it makes content management so easy, a business has lower overhead with less time being spent on the maintenance and creation of a company website. WordPress’ roots are in blogging and this feature gives businesses a way to engage their customers.

Blogging also lets companies hear from their customers, and feedback can be worth its weight in gold. By being able to keep content fresh with easy blogging capability, WordPress lets companies keep their search engine rankings high because the website is always being updated with fresh content.

So if you have an idea of a website that you would like to launch on the internet, but you do not have any technical skills, you may want to consider starting your own WordPress blog. It is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to customize for anything that you want to publish on the web.

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