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May 25, 2010

Article Marketing Strategy: What Topics Should I Cover In My Articles?

As you’re writing articles for article marketing, you may wonder what sorts of topics are appropriate for you to write about.

Can you write an article about one topic but then have a link in the resource box going to a website on a completely unrelated topic?

This is an excellent question on a topic that can dramatically impact the success of your article marketing campaign:

What topics should you cover in your articles?

You should always write articles on the general topic of your website.

For example, if your website is about dog training, then all of your articles should be on topics related to dog training.

Why in the world does it matter what your article topic is so long as you have a link going back to your website in the resource box?

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes for a minute:

If a reader is getting value from your educational article on dog training, he will likely be interested in additional information this topic. He will read your article and then think:

“This author knows his stuff about dog training. He is surely an expert in his niche. I’d like to take a look at his website to find more information on this topic.”

When you’re writing articles on your topic, that is the way that things should go.

But what would be the result if your website was about dog training, but you decided to write an article that was about how to grow heirloom tomatoes?

A reader interested in growing heirloom tomatoes would enjoy your article and then be hungry for more information on this topic. He would look to your resource box to find out more about you and your specialty. He’d also like to see your website to see if you have any additional information about growing tomatoes.

And what does he see when he looks at your resource box?

Information about dog training! What is up with that?

You had a reader on the hook just ready to be reeled into your website, but you lost him because your article was not on the topic of your website.

Remember, article marketing is not just about the links. The article matters. The article will be read by human readers who may then click the link in your resource box that leads back to your website. Writing on-topic articles makes the most of your article marketing efforts and increases the number of people who click the link in your resource box.

Now, let’s consider how the topic of your article affects your ranking in Google.

Every link is not the same. Google likes to see that the link in your resource box relates to what your website is about.

One of Google’s goals when looking at the links of your website is to determine what your website is about. If your article is about dog training and your website is about the same topic, then the link in your resource box affirms to Google that your website is about dog training. This is why an article on a topic that is unrelated to your website is not very helpful to Google.

Writing on-topic articles increases the significance of each link that you build.

Additionally, when you write articles on the same topic as your website, your articles can help establish you as an expert in your niche, which goes a long way in winning customer confidence and increased sales.

Writing articles on one general topic takes more focus and effort, but the result is worthwhile.

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