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June 9, 2010

5 Reasons to Build Multiple Niche Websites and Leverage Them

Having a single website allows you to showcase all your services in one place. Imagine having multiple websites, each of which focus on a different service altogether. A single e-commerce website is likely to contain hundreds of pages which describe each product in detail. Having multiple micro websites would allow you to categorize the products and list them in their respective niche website.

In simple terms, multiple niche websites or micro sites support the main website by focusing on the content and driving traffic to the main site. You should build multiple niche sites only if you have the required experience in each niche. You must remember that each micro site requires a lot of time and resources dedicated to it.

You Can Build Multiple Niche Websites In The Following Way:

  1. Use a different domain name for each micro site.
  2. Create a sub domain for every niche website.
  3. Create subfolders within the main website.

Each of the above can be used depending on the resources available to you. But, the best results for organic seo will be achieved by creating a different domain for every niche website. Advantages of Having Independent-Multiple Niche Websites:

  1. No Fear of Website Downtime. Even if one of the website goes down, all the other micro websites will be live and running. If you have one main website and there is a system downtime, you will lose a lot of traffic and mainly, conversions.
  2. Increase in Quality Back Links. You can link each of your micro sites to the main website. This will increase the number of good quality backlinks to the main website. Eventually it will lead to higher ranking and more traffic to the main website.
  3. A Number of Authoritative Websites. If you optimize the micro websites well, over a period of time they will begin to hold well on their own. Such websites go on to become authoritative in their niche. This makes the entire experience of creating micro sites worthwhile and truly enriching.
  4. You Can Expand Your Online Empire. Multiple niche websites give you a chance to take your business to the next level. Once your micro sites start ranking well in local search engines, you can focus on getting into the top results of other countries.
  5. You Can Tap Into the Needs of the Visitors. Web Analytics tool plays an important part in understanding the visitors behavior. You can use the web analytics tool to understand the influence of your micro sites in every country. This will enable you to analyze the market of your services in other countries. You can gain important insights and make strategic decisions for your business with this data.

The most successful example of multiple niche sites is that of Google. Google has tightly integrated all its micro websites (e.g. Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Webmasters Tools etc) and turned each of them into an authoritative website.

Building multiple niche websites and maintaining them is not an easy task. With enough time and efforts they bring successful results in the form of lead generation.

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