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June 11, 2010

Have your Traffic to Old Blog Posts and Overlooked Pages Still Draw Traffic

There is little doubt that if you have had a blog for a long time, you have hundreds and perhaps even thousands of blog posts. Over time, your blog readers change. You get new readers, you lose readers. You are most likely writing about similar topics, but your style of writing has changed and/or your opinions about a topic have changed. However, instead of deleting your old blog posts, use them to draw new traffic to your blog. Here are some ideas about how to use old blog posts to draw new traffic:

A) You’ve learned more – Blogging is a learning process. The time when you wrote about a topic does not really matter, for the fact that once and for all, you really have learned more about a topic than when writing about it the first time. Haul up your old posts from the archive instead of removing them and make it serve as a foundation to create a new post. An example of this would be if you did a software review for a new package you just started using then after using it for a few months you found some features that were additional bonuses (or on the other side features you just hate). Take advantage of that old post and start your post off by saying “on

(xdate) we talked about (xproduct) and we said (direct quote and link to the old post). One of the features we discussed as you can see by reading the post….” etc. This does two things –

  1. it gives you the chance to write about the same topic with no pressure at all and
  2. it allows you to share those older posts with a new set of readers.

B) Nothing stays the same – The rules for blogging change from time to time. Just think over of what the FTC ruling about bloggers on some blogs can do. You can refer back to prior blog posts where you may have endorsed a product or service and point out why it is in compliance with new rules, regulations or where information has changed.

C) Great ego check – It’s really a plus if your readers know that you are keen to accept the fact that you don’t know everything. It isn’t really wrong to admit that you are learning something new even if many readers really look up to someone who is an expert on their chosen topic. Actually, this should have the opposite effect of letting your readers know that you are also learning like them and this can additionally boost the credibility of your blog.


Bloggers like any other committed business person continue lifelong growth and learning. A blogger need not be embarrassed of old blog posts and let alone, leave them hiding in the archives of your blog. Instead, drag them out, dust them off and make your new knowledge a shining example of your growth.

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