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June 11, 2010

How To Boost Your Traffic

Setting up a website is hard work, but many people don’t realise that the really hard bit, and sometimes most expensive, is getting traffic to visit your site. To get the most out of your website you must put time in, and continually develop and market your website to the online world. Below are a few things that you can do to help you get on your way. They can all be done completley free, they just require some time and effort.

Through experience, I have found that the most effective way to use the following tactics is to sync them all up. With minimal effort your facebook fans, twitter followers, and blog readers can be fed the same information. This will also help any SEO and or link building work that is being done for your website.


Putting together a successful video campaign can result in a very high amount of traffic and exposure for your website. Video blogs and promotional videos are easy to put together and with websites such as Youtube; publishing your videos has never been easier. The biggest decision to make is whether to host, or post your videos. I would advise that a mixture of both techniques is the best way. Hosting a good quality, informative video on your website will make it more useful, and should attract links, whilst posting a video on Youtube is a great way to increase traffic. I would advise that you put the full video on your website, and a shorter ‘promo’ version on Youtube. The idea is that, anyone who see’s your video on Youtube is given a reason to look at your website.


Using both twitter and facebook gives you the opportunity to reach an extremely wide audience. Both can be synced up together feeding the same information out to your online friends and fans, with each site adding momentum to the other. Popular activities on these sites include fan competitions, publishing company news, promoting new content and generally growing an ‘online community’. If your content is always of a high quality, and interesting and useful to the user, your groups should grow naturally and also gain links and traffic back to your site. The most important thing is that they are updated regularly with good content; it’s not enough to just set up some profiles and hope for the best!


Having a regularly updated, useful and interesting blog can really help your website grow with regards to returning traffic. A well composed blog can attract a following of it’s own, thus giving you traffic that you would never have otherwise benefited from. Popular ideas for blog entries could include; top ten lists, product reviews; tips; industry news or company news. Once you have published a new blog post, make sure you promote via your facebook page and your twitter account.

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