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June 15, 2010

3 Simple Steps to Become a Succesful On-Line Marketer in a Sea of Internet Sharks

If you’re new to online marketing and are making minimal profits for your hours of effort….I feel your pain and hope this article will ease it a little.

Internet Marketing is not as easy as you first thought, and you’ve suffered a few learning curves along the way to where you are now.

Your family and friends have told you, you’re wasting your time on the internet. And you’re beginning to think they’re possibly correct.

But you would be dead wrong to give up on marketing now. Just as wrong as a student dropping out of high school before he had the time to graduate.

You have to realize when you enter any new business, you’re the small fish in the sea.

Here you are the little fish internet marketer trying to carve out a niche for yourself online, and the internet is like a huge sea full of sharks and other predators who eat small fish like you and me for snacks.

We would be better served to acknowledge this, and look at ourselves as just pilot fish swimming under an online shark, trying to grab some of the left over’s that the massive internet fish eats.

For you and I, the massive internet fish is corporate advertising. They own the internet.

Who of us little guys can compete with their multi million dollar marketing campaigns? Most of the time they lose money on internet marketing just to get rid of their competition….(That would be you and I by the way).

So, what can we do to compete against corporate marketing to become a successful on-line marketer?

Try these 3 Online Marketing Strategies to boost your online income.

1) Research Your Product and Find Some Leftovers the Shark Missed.

Identify the market you’re in and educate yourself on the product you want to promote.

Pick a product that compliments a high ticket item like an Ipad that the shark would sell, and you sell the Ipad accessories.

Only choose those products you yourself would use.

Some expert internet marketers can sell anything, but you are just starting out. Choose something you know you will feel comfortable spending time working with.

2) Write Informative Articles, Blogs and Reviews about Your Product.

Go to sites like Facebook and Myspace and join social groups like Google Groups or Friend Finder and post your blogs or links.

Viral marketing is the wave for 2009. Write like a maniac on every site you can find, then link the sites and articles to one another.

3) Invest in a Landing Page and Auto Responder System.

All that writing and advertising is time well spent if you invest in a good landing page and auto responder system.

It’s possible the person who clicked on your ad or article was just window shopping until payday came. If you’ve got their email address you can keep them updated to information they may have missed about your product during their first visit, and when their payday comes, your site will be first in line for them to review again.

It’s a fact there are more sales made through email contact than anywhere on the internet.

Thomas Palmieri – If you have found this article informative and would like more tips on how to market products online, please visit me at The Business Opportunity where my free internet business tutorials are helping thousands discover the basics of online marketing.