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June 21, 2010

Online Article Directories: 5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit

Internet business owners have found online article directories to be positive for their business. Here are five ways you can benefit from using article directories on the Internet to promote your business.

Before we get into the directories understand that article marketing is effective when you write keyword rich articles and include a resource box at the end of them. Think of the resource box as your classified ad and the more opportunities you give people to find you the better off you will be. That is the real power of online article directories.

  1. Submit your articles to the top article directories only and concentrate on the quality of the article. This is one strategy you can use and it certainly takes some of the pressure off of writing high number of articles. The key to making this work is to develop unique versions of your article and submit them to only the top directories online.
  2. Once you have submitted it to the top directories ezine publishers may find your article. This can lead to your article being published in newsletters on the Internet. It can also end up in the inbox of prospective customers. Many online ezines have a huge customer base you might not otherwise we reach. If the ezine is archived online this can give you long term exposure and backlinks.
  3. Go for volume of articles and to submit to multiple directories by the hundreds or even thousands. Unless you use article rewriting software to make each article unique this is not a very effective strategy. Some Internet marketers prefer to play the numbers game and just get their articles out where they can be found.
  4. Printed publications might pick up your articles from an online directory. These can be picked up by magazines giving you additional exposure. Again the point is to have a link in your resource box to get traffic from an off line reader to your online website.
  5. Many online directories have links back to them placed on other Internet marketers websites and blogs. You see this in the form of text links or banner ads. Any directory that is getting traffic coming to it can potentially benefit you if your articles are being published by them.

There certainly are more ways you can benefit from online article directories. This is just a handful of them, but really shows the power of marketing with articles in directories on the Internet today.

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