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June 23, 2010

Why Should I Give You My Email Address?

Every day I get more spam in in inbox than I do legitimate email, and unfortunatly much of that comes from email lists that I have subscribed to, offering me everything from growing my bank account, to growing various parts of my anatomy. So I find myself asking, “if I subscribe to another list, will I get more of the same?”

Not a day goes by when I do not open my email and learn about a guy from central America who was $5,297 in debt who goes on to amass a fortune of $297,613 within 30 days by simply following this or that formula.

So much of the email I receive is spam, however a large percentage of it is from “reputable” marketers who are simply trying to get a couple more dollars of affiliate commission out of my wallet.

Let’s be honest. Most of these claims and sales letters are bogus… as proof, you are shown screen shots of their ClickBank accounts (which can easily be doctored using a graphics program) saying this is how much they earnt in the last month.

To be honest, I am sick to death of people trying to sell me the latest “magic pill” every second day. I subscribed to their list because they promised me a solution to my problem at the time. But many marketers seem to think that that gives them a license to email me links to just about every product that is available on ClickBank.

Now I know this is a common newbie mistake, and a certain amount of patience must be exercised. (Or at least unsubscribe from their list). However, more and more I am being bombarded with the latest offer from reputable marketers.

Now I know the money is in the list, and as a marketer I know it is easier to sell a product to an existing customer then to a complete stranger, however. Giving more than we receive is always the first rule of sales, regardless of whether you are online or offline.

Email Marketing should be all about giving! It should not be about building a list and selling to them all of the time.

I often get the impression that when a new subscriber signs up, the mentality is Sell, Sell, Sell….

Your list is there because they took the gamble in trusting in you. They signed up, because for some strange reason, they thought you had more to give than you had to sell.

Personally, I have subscribed to more lists than I care to remember, and after a couple of emails, I have just as quickly unsubscribed.

Being sold to all of the time is the quickest way to get me to unsubscribe from your email list. I subscribe to a list because I am after some information, not to become a open target for ever second offer that comes along.

I believe good email marketing is about building a trust between you and your recipients. You need to share more information than you try to sell them.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know in Internet Marketing it is often said that the money is in the list. And I couldn’t agree more. However, I would like to add that they money is in the list that trusts and respects you.

It is not good practive to build your list, and then just bombard your subscribers with the latest Clickbank offers… Yes you will sell a couple of products, but the majority of you list will either delete your email of unsubscribe from your list.

As I have learnt in the real world, “Sales is all about relationships.” You need to build a relationship with your customer. You need to understand what your customers wants and needs. You need to be looking at solutions, not just sales.

Do this and you will add far more to your bottom line than you will if you simply try to sell your client with every second email.

So what is a good balance???

I have heard that for every “Sales” email you send, you should send 3 content email. I would like to go further than that and say for every “Sales” email you send, send at least 5 content emails.

You will get far better results from your list if you give more than you take

So why should I give you my email address?? It is because I trust that you have more to give than take….

To Your Success,

Rob Willis

For more information about building a more responsive email list feel free to visit Secrets to Building a Profitable Optin List, Where you can get simple step buy step information on creating a responsive list.