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June 30, 2010

Tips to Make Copywriting In Your Landing Page Effective

The term “website writing” creates a notion that means everything from copywriting a landing page to SEO writing. Other site owners even think of it as their product description content, reviews, and articles. But these writing styles really differ from one another. When you do copywriting, you have to be very creative. It is the page that can either make your visitor to buy your products or make them leave the page.

Internet marketers easily determine the worth of a good copy. That’s why when they cannot write the landing page on their own, they’re willing to pay large sums of money to have it written properly. Copywriting the landing page involves a fine balance of informing interested visitors about a particular product/service while at the same time withholding other relevant information. This forces them to click on the next link for more information. Below are some rules you should keep in mind in copywriting a landing page:

Always Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines – A person will immediately see relevant keywords when he is searching for something. Ensure that your headline refers to the ad copy that caused the click. Use your creativity to write an irresistible (but true) offer he can’t refuse.

Write a Clear Call to Action – after the headline, the call to action – whether in the form of highlighted text, ad banner, or button, is the most important. Visitors need to know exactly what to do after they enter your website. In a short landing page, repeat the offer at least twice. In a longer page, repeat it 3-5 times.

Address the Customer Directly – instead of using we, us, and our, change it to YOU and YOURS. Let them know what your company can do for them and the benefits it provides. Also, writing in the second person also looks friendlier and relaxed. Make them feel like they’re just listening to their friend.

Deliver the Message Directly – Use creativity for conversion in writing an online landing page. Instead of thinking of it as an art form, try to view it as a business tool. It is supposed to persuade visitors to take action, not make you feel good about your personal expression.

Keep the Content Closely Written – some copywriter advise against long copy. But the truth is, this really isn’t a problem as long as you keep it tightly written. If the content is written firmly, a reader will likely continue reading it and if there is enough motivation for him to do so.

And finally, you should remember that you are writing for the web. Readers online are generally less patient than print readers. Keep the most important points at the beginning, use subheadings, and make use of various elements such as buttons, graphics, and highlighted text where appropriate.

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