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July 1, 2010

How Do You Drive Traffic to Your Site?

If you are new to internet marketing, you would have discovered that driving traffic to your website is a formidable task. However, if you learn the ropes to drive traffic to your website, you can reap a ton of rewards. Here are some creative ideas that may help you.

Start blogging on several sites and leave comments on other people’s blog posts. Make sure to include your URL and hotlink where possible. Remain focused on your issue as you need to make sure that you write to get approved and captivate your readers. Write to establish trust as an expert on subject. Putting in all the efforts and getting it trashed as spam is such a waste of time.

Add as many suitable themes, extensions and widgets as possible to your blogging site. There are so many free add-ons to make your site attractive. Consistently analyze your site to see how you can make it user friendly, stimulating and attractive rather than a run of the mill boring site. Their visit should fulfill their desire to get information and new experience. Add intriguing and interesting podcasts, videos and audios to your site.

Enlist your friends and ask their help to spread the word about your website. They can use their website, contacts, blogs and contacts to drive traffic to your website.

Sign up with a social bookmarking site and share your bookmarked site with other readers who share the same interests as you. Add reference and links to your websites. Most social sites are used by many people as specific interest search engines. Add the bookmarks to your site and increase your traffic. Analyze as to what products users are searching for and add links to interesting and relevant products. The more such links you have bookmarked, the bigger your following will be. The more appealing information that you impart to the readers, the more they will return to your site for new information.

Use social photo sharing sites like Flickr to drive readers to our website. Attract them by adding smart tags. Write a post in your blogsite and link to your Flickr page. This way both the sites will work together to drive traffic to your site.

Twitter is another useful tool to drive traffic to you site. Make sure to tweet every post or comment you make. Use tools like to shorten your links to post pages and link them in your tweets. Make sure not tweet only those links. Intermittently tweet some other useful information, tidbits, quotes, humor etc. to keep your tweets interesting. This will also increase your Twitter following and work in unison with your blog site. One more thing make sure to add a link to your site in your Twitter profile. That will drive more traffic to your site.

Add links to industry specific sites and network with them by contacting them. Most will be pleased to help you build your web traffic and promote the common cause.

Submit your feeds to as many blog site directories as possible. This is a good way to drive up traffic from other sites to yours.

Modify your posts to the article and submit to as many article directories as possible. Use the resource box to drive traffic to your site and create valuable backlinks to your site. When ranking your page, search engines give higher weight to backlinks from articles published in many reputable article directories.

Your strategy to build traffic should be to first and foremost offer what the reader wants. You service a valuable purpose when you provide them with interesting information, products and services

Laxman Samtani is an Internet entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. Visit his website and find out how you can enhance your internet marketing business.