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July 6, 2010

Article Submission Sites: Submitting To Article Directories

Submitting articles by hand is the most time consuming method of doing article submissions, and it produces the most modest results. Still I know there are some people who prefer to submit manually as they are learning the ropes of how to do article marketing.

If you are submitting articles by hand, then there are a variety of article submission sites that you will want to submit to. There are three main types of publishers:

  • Article Directories
  • Ezine Editors
  • Article Announcement Lists

We’ll be covering here how to submit to article directories.

How Do Article Directories Work?

An article directory is a website that publishes articles that other publishers can reprint for free.

Authors will submit their articles to an article directory, and then a publisher who is looking for content on that topic will find and republish it on his website or ezine. Publishers love article directories because they provide free quality content.

As an author, what do you get out of having your content appear in an article directory?

When you submit your article, you will include a resource box. This resource box will contain a short paragraph about you and your business, an incentive to visit your website, as well as a clickable link that leads back to your website.

Whenever your article is republished, the resource box will be too.

So, when a reader sees your content on someone’s website, they will also see your resource box, and they will (hopefully!) click the link that leads back to your website.

The resource box is also the means of ‘building links’ to your website. You gain a link to your website each time your article is republished. The more times it is republished the better, because that means you are building more links to your website.

Why Is It Important To Build Links?

These links are one of the main indicators that Google and the other search engines use when deciding how highly to rank your website in the search engine results lists. By building links to your website, you can effectively improve your website-s search engine ranking over the long term. The higher your search engine ranking, the more traffic your website receives.

Why Should You Submit To Article Directories?

By placing your articles in article directories, you are giving your articles the greatest opportunity of being republished.

You may think that publishing your article on an article directory creates just one backlink, from the directory itself. Actually, if all goes well that one backlink from the directory is only the beginning. Ideally your content will be republished repeatedly, building a link to your website each time.

Also, when you submit your article to an article directory it can show up in Google’s results lists. The more ways you create for people to find your content the better. Your ultimate goal is to draw more people from your target market to your website. Article marketing helps you do this.

How Many Directories Should You Submit To?

You will greatly aid your cause if you submit to as many directories as possible.

The purpose of placing your article on an article directory is to have it republished as many times as possible. That is how you build links to your website, which has an impact on your search engine ranking over the long term.

When you submit your content to just one directory, then you have gained one backlink, but you need to wait for publishers to find your article on that directory to build more links.

However, if you submit your articles to many article directories, you are building many links right off the bat, and any links you gain from publishers who find your articles on those directories are just icing on the cake.

If you are submitting articles by hand, obviously there is a limit to how many directories you can submit to. Submit to a few of the big ones, such as Ezine Articles, Go Articles, and Idea Marketers.

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