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July 6, 2010

What is a Resource Box? How is it Used in Article Writing?

What is a resource box? Only the most important part of any article you may be writing! That is if you wish to make any money of course. If you are just happy to see your name in print then you can ignore this aspect.

Seriously though I’m sure that you are writing articles in the hope that you will get targeted traffic to your website in order to eventually sell some products.

So why is the resource box so important? Basically this is where you promote yourself, your product and your website/ blog . The aim of a good resource box is to do all three where possible.

It is better if you do not promote your site in the main body of the article. This is frowned upon as the purpose of an article is to provide good information NOT to try selling your product(s).

This is where the resource box comes in. However bear in mind that there are likely to be restrictions place upon the length of the box by the article directory you use. Normally we are talking from 3 to 6 lines to get your message across.

What are the important points to bear in mind when designing your resource box?

A Home Page Link You should always ensure that your resource box links to your Home Page. Why is this important? Because building backlinks is one of the main benefits of article marketing.

A backlink is basically where another site “links back” to your site thus driving traffic there as well as potentially establishing it as an area of authority on the particular subject.

So every time your article is published whether it is in a newsletter or another person’s site a backlink is established to YOUR site. This has the potential to build up traffic very quickly so IF you have an excellent site business should follow. Another important thing to remember is that backlinks will also raise your site higher in organic (free) search engine rankings.

Other Links I mentioned above about a home page link. Some article directories do not allow you to use links in your article but if they do then the number is severely limited. However most allow from one to three links in your resource box so make good use of all those that are available where you can.

Search Engine Optimisation Bit of a mouthful that!! Normally abbreviated to SEO. Remember that search engine spiders (see separate report) crawl the web to index information found on the pages of blogs or websites.

As the whole idea of your article writing is to generate traffic and make sales the links in your resource box and article (if allowed….see above) help do precisely that. The words that make up the link tell the search engine what the article is about and therefore help get the article indexed. So ensure that the words in the link are pertinent to your article!

I hope this little report helps you understand the basic requirements of Resource Boxes but if you would like more in depth details then I suggest you search the web although this should not be necessary for getting your website profitable

Go for it! John Beaumont. Internet Marketer

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