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July 15, 2010

Keywords Tool: The Ten Tips to Help You Get More Traffic

SEO marketers make use of different promotions, some would even go to the extent of buying the traffic that they need! There’s no need for that, as long as you have a good keyword finder and bearing in mind these top 10 things to gain more traffic; you’d get more traffic without spending so much as a dime

1. Position yourself as a personality or expert – or both.

When you position yourself as either a personality or an export, or both, you are building up your credibility, thus enabling people to link your site even without you asking for it. It encourages people to avail of services or buy products from your site.

However, this isn’t an easy task to do. Just the same as building trust in real life is not a walk in the park, online, it’s even more challenging. It’s hard to built a good reputation, but the rewards that you reap, and the traffic that it can generate will make everything worthwhile.

Now, once you have established your good reputation and authority, people would start turning to you for advice and reference.They may also want to interview you about your ebooks or your affiliations. As long as you promote your site and gain good publicity from it, it will reflect on your site and your authority on your niche.

2. Create link baits.

Link baits are website content that people and readers voluntarily link to. An example can be found on where the blogger lists down 25 things she needs to do in the near future. Therefore, he can take the initiative to slash out then repost the link to ANOTHER blog entry relating to the slashed and completed item.

This is a good move to lead your readers to explore your site further. Besides, this makes for a fun read, when done right.

3. Syndicate your content.

Use the RSS feed and then you can syndicate it, it’s a means for easier means for them to link to your site. For this, it’s more favorable to use PHP compared to Java Script. This is to ensure that the search engines do capture your headings and your links too.

Also, one popular programmer Will Bontrager, on also helps affiliates with their syndication of articles and tips.

4. Create an amazing profile in

If you are an author as well as an affiliate for an online dating niche site, then this would greatly help you. If you have hired an author, set up an Amazon account for him or her.

Authors can join in Amazon Connect. By signing up; they can have instant access to million’s of visitors on Amazon. If you play your cards right, you can write mentions in dozens of different plazes inside Amazon. These mentions may lead to a page, which contains links to your website.

You can create a blog, a profile, a “Listmania” list, or review books, or tag dozens of keywords. These would act as your digital Hansel-and-Gretel breadcrumbs, which lead people to your Profile, with your site links.

5. Experiment with offline advertising.

Try to promote your niche site using offline advertising, such as posting ads in newspapers or magazines. Offer readers to reply to your ad by offering a free e-book or free mini-course. You can also try your hand at posters and banners.

6. Make use of Yahoo! Answers.

Yahoo! Answers is a service offered by Yahoo! wherein an “asker” asks a certain question, and then anyone with a Yahoo! account and linked with Yahoo! Answers can answer the said question.

You can try it out by answering a few questions that are related to your niche. Make sure your answer is a good, relevant one, so that the “asker” would vote it as the “Best Answer.” Those kinds of answers get a special place of prominence in the page.

Now, be extra careful with this because Yahoo! “advertisements” and promotions are banned as well. However, when you answer a question, you can list down “sources” where readers can get more information.

Use this to your advantage and link it to your own website that is a relevant part in your answer to the question.

7. Make use of E-bay.

E-bay is one popular online buy-and-sell website where hundreds of visitors log in to look for the items they wish to buy. Set up an E-bay account and make a profile. In the “About Me” page, you can link your website.

But, to make sure that more people read you profile, make a genuinely useful profile, with lots of informative data, and also affiliate links. You can sell your e-books there, at affordable prices, so many more users would buy it.

8. Make use of AdSense.

Bloggers have a great idea on what Adsense is about. It’s a great way to have income for your website.

But more than that, AdSense has an AdSense Help discussion group, where people can discuss about their online life and businesses.

Now; you can log-in or be an observer and offer your own useful insights to other online users. Make sure though that your post is really relevant so that people won’t get annoyed when you try to link them to your site.

9. Add some thoughtful comments and insights to blogs or website comment sections.

Make sure that when you comment to a blog entry or to a site, that your comments are insightful and informative. One that can add to a discussion.

Dave Taylor of says:

“Add relevant thoughts and useful comments and information to their discussions. Sometimes, when appropriate, link back to your own articles, but other times add your own comments just to participate in the ongoing discussion and, yes, gain some visibility in your marketspace.”

10. Add a classified ads section to your site.

A classified advertising section can help your site. It can get you some extra revenue, and also attract new visitors. Brad Waller’s is a good place to start on this.

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