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July 21, 2010

Reader Rescue: Does Accept XML Sitemaps?

Hi Kalena

I have uploaded my XML sitemap to Google, Yahoo and more recently Bing, thanks to your blog post about the Bing Webmaster Center.

However, I’m wondering if accept XML sitemaps and if so, how do I upload mine to Ask?



Hello Georgia

Yes, DO support XML Sitemap submissions. Here’s a blurb about it from their Webmaster Help area:

“Yes, supports the open-format Sitemaps protocol. Once you have prepared a sitemap for your site, add the sitemap auto-discovery directive to robots.txt, or submit the sitemap file directly to us via the ping URL”

The ping URL is as follows:

To add your sitemap to your robots.txt file, simply include this line:


Actually it’s not just Ask that supports the addition of sitemaps in robots.txt. Did you know that both Google and Yahoo also support that method of sitemap delivery?

You can either submit your sitemap via the search engine’s appropriate submission interface (e.g. Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, Bing Webmaster Center) or specify your sitemap location in your robots.txt file as per the above instructions.


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