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July 25, 2010

Social Bookmarking versus Social News Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is when you go to social networking sites and post your link for others to see. Not only can you post your favorite websites for others to see, but you can also go there to see what kind of interesting sites have been left by others. Almost any topic of interest can be found through social bookmarking. Their search engine tool allows you to type in what you’re looking for and have it instantly before you.

Social News

While some social bookmarking sites are designed for sharing links and all sorts of topics of interest, other sites like Reddit, Digg, and Propeller focus more on the news-related topics like sports, politics, technology, and similar topics. You’ll often find bloggers on these sites discussing some new current event or a breaking headline.

How Can I Benefit From Social Bookmarking & Social News

Search engines are great. There’s no doubt about it. They can provide us with information about almost any topic we’re looking for. The bad thing about search engines, though, is that when you type what you want into the search engine, you’re going to get so many results back, it’s difficult to find what the best site to view is. It can take literally hours to find what you’re looking for with search engines.

Social news and social bookmarking sites let you specifically focus on exactly what you want to see. Because new stuff is added all the time, you’re going to find the most current information as well as the most popular right on top. Many of these sites offer viewers the opportunity to vote on articles and links. If you’re looking for something on roses, you may find five different articles.

Four of the articles may only have a few votes whereas the fifth one may have a hundred votes. You can assume that this is the article that’s going to be the most interesting to you. If you were to put the word roses into a search engine, you’d have thousands of results to browse through.

Social bookmarking and social news sites can save you a lot of time.

The same can be said about social news. If you’re looking for some late breaking news about your favorite actor, search engines may not have the most current topic on top, but you’ll find it right on top in social news sites. What begin as a way to share your bookmarks and links with friends has turned into some fantastic social search engines.

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