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July 25, 2010

Writing An Effective Article And Marketing It Online

There are many ways to advertise a business today. This is true both online and offline. However, many online and offline businesses are effectively using article marketing on the Internet with great results.

Therefore it’s important that you know how to write an article to achieve effective article marketing. In this article we will talk about a few tips that will help you do that.

1. Determine what is the primary reason you are writing your article. Articles are used for primarily for article marketing. However they can also be used to create blog posts, build web pages, publish in an online ezine and so on.

2. Write a catchy title including a keyword phrase you are targeting. This will help catch the attention of both the reader as well as a search engine. You can go to online directories and look at existing articles to come up with ideas for article titles. Titles that catch your attention will probably catch other people’s attention as well.

3. Choose a theme for your article that is in demand. Discussion forums are good resource places for possible article themes. Some of the hottest threads in the discussion forum will make for a very good article.

4. Keep your articles short and stay on theme. Keep your paragraphs short which makes them easier to read on the Internet. A good way to do this is writing numbered list articles.

5. Include a well-written resource box at the end of the article. It should include your name, and a description about yourself or your website. Your goal is to get the reader to click on a link pointing back to your website or blog. If possible hyperlink keyword phrases as well as list your website URL.

6. Spend an adequate amount of time distributing your article. Getting your article into article directories is important because that’s where people will be able to find it. For this reason you want to be sure and submit it to the top rated article directories. Search engine spiders these all the time and your article could be picked up and ranked for a specific keyword phrase.

7. Create a swipe file of well written articles and refer to those for article ideas as well as a reference point on how to write a good article. Swipe files are nothing new, but are very easy to fill up thanks to the Internet. These are several tips on how to write an article for effective article marketing on the Internet. The more articles you have online the more potential traffic they can bring you.

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