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July 26, 2010

What’s Wrong With Web Advertising

Two interesting articles crossed my desk this morning, articles that everyone interested in getting the most out of their marketing should read. The first was published in Media Post’s Media Creativity written by Ari Rosenberg, called “The Problem With Online Ad Creative No One Wants To Hear.” Rosenberg states “The Web is overwhelmingly experienced in silenceā€¦” a problem we’ve been talking about for years. I would add that the problem is not just a silent Web, it’s a Web where audio is miss used and abused by advertisers who don’t understand how to use sound design and music to motivate audience action. You can read the article at

The second item that should appeal to all those who pray to the god of media measurement; Abe Sauer writes “Media Too Quick To Label Old Spice Man a Failure.” Read the article in brandchannel at In a nutshell the article uses the now famous Old Spice campaign to explain what we all know but just can’t accept and that is, there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

So think twice the next time your video producer tells you he’s going to just slap on some royalty free music instead of creating a signature soundscape, or when you make a marketing campaign decision based on statistics and analytics that you really don’t fully understand.

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