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July 28, 2010

Television Advertising For Every Business?

Google’s TV Ad deal with Dish Network may have opened the door to advertisers that may have thought television was beyond their budgets. Late night TV placement has generally been fairly reasonable for accessing local markets but now Google brings major hits like “Mad Men,” “Real Housewives,” and “Rubicon” into play. Read David Goetzi’s post in MediaDailyNews, ‘Google TV Ads Pay Off For Summer Hits’ at

Traditionally television advertisements are expensive to produce and even more expensive to run, but with new technologies and smaller boutique video firms, production costs have dropped substantially. It remains to be seen if Google’s auction system actually brings the cost down or if prices will quickly escalate beyond the reach of non-traditional TV advertisers.

To my mind television networks better get their acts together and get their heads out of the clouds if they want to stall the inevitable migration of audiences to YouTube video programming on large screen TVs attached to a Play Station-like device and Internet connection. So why aren’t more businesses having branded entertainment content programming created to promote their businesses? The TV Networks with their desire to save money with cheap Reality TV programming packed with product placement has opened the door to the acceptance of Web-based content. All business has to do is get over their old fashion ideas of what advertising is, and get into a more audience-friendly creative content mindset.

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