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July 30, 2010

Article Submission Services: How To Find A Good One

So, you’ve finally made the decision to make your life easier by employing the services of an automatic article submitter. That is a very wise decision, because if you choose the right service you can save a ton of time and vastly increase the effectiveness of your articles.

When you’re evaluating article submission services, keep these tips in mind:

1 – A referral from someone who has actually used the service is your best bet in finding an excellent article submission service.

If you haven’t been referred by anyone, check the website of the article submitter you’re investigating and look for testimonials. If the service is good, its customers should readily volunteer their recommendations for it.

2 – Look for a service that has stood the test of time. In the online world, a service that is 5+ years old is a veteran one, and the longevity of the service speaks to its stability.

3 – Is it known for its customer service?

When you need help, you want to know that you can get timely and accurate answers. When considering a friend’s referral or testimonials that you are reading about the article submitter, is the business’ customer care complimented?

4 – You will want to use an article distribution business that has professional editors on staff who review each and every article.

Why? You want your article to be pre-screened for any obvious issues that might prevent it from being accepted by publishers.

5 – Does the service update their distribution network on pretty much a daily basis?

The distribution network is the list of publishers to whom your articles are sent. Having a well-maintained list is crucial, as these types of lists can go out of date pretty quickly if they are not attended to regularly.

It’s a perk if the service has a good reputation with publishers. If the publishers directly request to receive articles from the article submitter, then they are much more likely to approve your articles for publication.

6 – How many article submission are you allowed?

The most flexible option would be unlimited submissions, although I must caution you that when you are submitting automatically you need to submit far fewer articles than when submitting manually. Usually 8 articles per website is enough when submitting automatically to a large network of publishers.

7 – How about scheduling your articles?

This type of feature allows you to submit your article and then have it be distributed at a later date. This is particularly helpful if you are going on vacation and want your article marketing campaign to continue when you are away. Many people also like to submit all their articles at the beginning of the month and schedule them to be distributed at various dates throughout the month.

8 – Can you “trickle” your article distribution?

Normally when you submit through an automatic article submitter your article would be sent to the entire distribution network all at one time. However, there are SEO benefits to having your article submitted to a few publishers a day, perhaps over the course of a month or so.
This creates a more organic accumulation of links, which Google appreciates. Check to see if the service you are interested in will allow you to submit in this “trickled”

9 – What kind of article spinning features are available?

It’s great if a service allows you to create article variations so that the same article is not sent to every publisher.

10 – Is the article submitter committed to ongoing education?

Most article submission services concentrate on the technical aspects of article distribution, rather than on teaching their customers how to improve their article marketing. If you find a service that offers ongoing training, that is a plus!

It may take you a while to find the article submitter that works for your unique needs, but it’s worth the time and effort to do this investigating. The more information you can gather about the service beforehand, the more likely you are to be satisfied.

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