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August 4, 2010

Top Three Advantages in Tapping into the Freelance Market

When a business is opened, the first thing that the owner does is search for employees. That, at least, is the standard move as more employees mean more manpower to finish the projects and get jobs done. Times are changing though, and nowadays both employers and employees are getting to know and understand the strength and promise of the freelance and the contractual market.

So what exactly are the strengths of this part of the labor market? Several reasons exist, but the top 3 advantages are:

Cost – Freelancers are paid on a per project basis. Business owners just have to determine who to hire, and then agree on the fee that is to be paid for that project. Most contracts end upon delivery of the project. There is no training cost, no hourly fees computed, just the raw contract. Also, work materials are not a problem as the freelancer usually has the basic materials required to finish the job. The business does not have to provide permanent office space and hardware.

Time – Again, freelancers are paid on a per project basis, or at least most of them are. Since this is the case, it is extremely beneficial for them to finish projects as soon as possible so that they can go ahead and attend to other jobs. The more jobs they finish, the more income they earn.

Quality – This has never been a problem in the freelance industry. Even though speed is essential, freelancers still make sure they deliver quality work as they need to build a strong customer base. A strong customer base means more opportunities for jobs, translating once again into more income for the freelancer.

At times, certain business projects require a third party to look into it in order to make it improve. This is also an advantage that one gets when using freelancers. Freelance employees have a huge amount of experience as they work with different people on different projects. Some are even exposed to various cultures as they can work with employers from different countries. This would allow them to contribute new ideas to whatever projects they work on, and employ strategies that they have developed.

With the advantages stated, much is to be gained by employing freelancers. There are still positive points to having in house employees, but the fact that there are freelancers that are readily available should never be discounted.

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