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Is Marketing On Twitter Dead?

twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteToday, everyone has a Twitter account, or at least everyone who is trying to market a product or service. It seems like 90% of the tweets that are being posted now-a-days are telling you to buy a product, or subscribe to a service. It’s all a bunch of crap!

So the question becomes, how do you stand out from the crowd? Is it even possible?

The answer is yes, you can stand out from the crowd, but it isn’t as easy as it once was. So how do you do it? Great question!

**Standing Out From The Crowd On Twitter**

To stand out on Twitter and separate yourself from all of the spam that is out there, you must do the following

1.) Find “Tweeple” That Are Already Interested In Your Niche — The quickest way to do this is to find someone that is well known in your niche and then following the people that are following them. Sound confusing? Don’t worry, it’s not.

To accomplish this you simply do a search through the “find people” link located on your home page for someone well known in your niche. After you have been able to find a popular person that is in your niche, start following the people that are following them. This will insure you are only following people that are interested in your niche. There are ways of automating this process, but it is beyond the scope of this article.

2.) Provide A 90/10 Ratio For Your Tweets — This means that for every Tweet that you send out asking people to click on an affiliate link, or a link about YOUR business, you should send out 9 tweets that provide value. Things you can tweet about that would provide value would be:

*Links to news stories about your niche
*Quotes from famous people in your niche about your niche
*Personal interaction — Or answering common questions you receive

Just by providing a 90/10 ratio, people will begin to appreciate you and be more likely to click on affiliate links and tweets about your business.

3.) Completely Fill Out Your Profile — This means having a picture of yourself or business logo on your Twitter account, as well as having a link to your website and a short quip in the “about me” section. A LOT of the people will not even follow you back if your profile is not filled out completely! This step is a must!

In closing, those are the 3 best things you can do to market your business effectively with Twitter, and separate yourself from the crowd. When you commit to doing the three things listed above, you will be well on your way to marketing your business effectively on Twitter.

Now that you know how all the tricks to having a great Twitter account for your business, you might be wondering if it is possible to automate it. The answer is yes, but there are some drawbacks. Click on the link below to find out more information on automating your Twitter account.

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  • The 90/10 ratio sounds like a good thing. I know I have stopped reading so many tweets because they appear to be all promotion – or it certainly feels like that anyway.

  • I agree Jennifer, most of the Tweets out there seem to be all promotion. All of the spammers out there seem to have ruined Twitter.

    Hopefully, we will see less and less of this in the future as they stop having results by spamming.



  • Twitter has lost power cos so many users post tweets with absolutely no value. Tips: If you do send direct messages in response to new followers, sending a link to your website – especially if you are trying to sell something – is a huge No-No! Most folks on Twitter would like to get to know you first
    before you start trying to sell your products and services.

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