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August 11, 2010

Get Billions of Bonus Traffic Using Videos

Among the traffic methods that captured my interest was by Gideon Shalwick. Gideon can show you a method that could get you extra traffic to your site by posting your videos in YouTube. That is just an amazing method.

It is easier for me to use videos rather than writing sales letters. It looks more real and gives an interactive experience to the viewer than just words on a page.

What kind of marketing ideas would make your video be unique?

Gideon Shalwick helps his clients make videos and use YouTube to get them tons of traffic to their video or website. Not just traffic but he also helps them monetize it. Posting videos online has a growing potential and you can earn a decent income from it.

Would you believe that there are videos who get millions of views and there is no link provided?

You can actually use videos to earn recurring income. One of them is YouTube. It’s easy to sign up with YouTube’s partner program and serve Adsense Ads on your channel page.

With the right techniques in place, you can earn about $20 – $50 a day with this partner program.

Another simple technique to start with is to make a video of your review about a product and have your affiliate link in the description box.

You can also put your own site if you want to let your viewers do an extra step.

What kind of videos users love on YouTube? If you focus on sales pitches on your videos, this will turn people off and instantly click away.

Give more value to your videos.

A downside in using YouTube is that you have less control over your videos as they can suspend you at any point in time when you do not follow their terms of service or user agreement.

You can even lose all your videos and channel page.

The only thing you need to focus on is getting people to visit your site and use videos as a means to get bonus traffic.

If you become really good at making videos, you can even do it as a service for people who do not have an idea how to do a good one.

It is so simple to create your own video production with a decent camera and some software. You do not have to spend too much for high end equipment.

Companies would go after you if you master the skill of getting pages to show up in Google’s first page.

How to make your videos truly unique: Show your face – Viewers respond better when they can see you.

It allows you to build rapport and a bond with the people. It captures their attention easily and builds trust. Many people do not like talking to an automated voice.

When making an instructional video, you might want to switch from showing yourself and your screen alternately so that your audience will feel that you are there with them and not fall asleep.

Time to remove your fear of being in front of the camera! Some people get scared or shy showing themselves in front of the camera.

Do not worry, Gideon shares some techniques to overcome that obstacle.

Create Interview videos of yourself and someone else – You do not actually have to look at the camera and pretend you are just having a conversation.

Do a Pretend Interview – you can do an interview video on your own where the questions will come from yourself and focus on an object.

Practice makes perfect – Just keep doing it and you will find yourself improving every day. You will get used to it.

Your fear will be removed in no time.

Gideon has written a comprehensive guide to get you started and get you actual results. You can get it here at Rapid Video Marketing.

Using videos online can give you billions of bonus traffic to your site. Just imagine the many possibilities you could do with this incredible traffic. Get started and get the actual results with Rapid Video Marketing by Gideon Shalwick.