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August 11, 2010

While You Were Social Networking…

While you were social networking, Facebooking, and Twittering the most influential market demographic has moved on to the new Web. Call it Web 4.0 or whatever you like; the new Web is video-based. And we’re not talking about the homemade efforts you cranked out on your camcorder and laptop; we’re talking professional video. Yes, Martha, the bar has been raised, and if you want to compete you better get your act together. I’ve been preaching this sermon for years but it finally looks like the rest of the Web marketplace has finally caught up. If you don’t believe me, read Erick Hachenburg’s post ” Today’s Entertainment Drivers Are Watching Online Video” in MediaPost’s Blog ‘Online Video Insider” (

Hachenburg writes:
” We are in the midst of a fundamental shift in which everything we know about content sites is changing. Just as television rose to rapid dominance in the traditional media world, online video is now rising to dominance in the digital media world. Increasingly, the Web is about video — not text, not pictures.

Video is an inherently powerful way to tell a story. This, of course, also makes it an effective way to communicate an advertising message. It’s about entertainment value and emotional appeal.

… The new 2010 Magid Media Futures study, conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, reveals some important insights into today’s Entertainment Drivers, consumer behavior and preferences in online video, and the reasons brand marketers should consider online video an important part of their media mix.
… So what does this all add up to for today’s marketers? An important shift in the way they connect with the influential consumers who define pop culture, and impact media consumption patterns across demographic groups. Today’s Entertainment Drivers consider online video a primary form of entertainment, making it an integral part of the marketing mix for brand advertisers.”

If you’re serious about turning your website into a new media success then it’s time to get serious about Web video content. It’s better to be slightly ahead of the curve than me-toing your way to Chapter 11

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