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August 16, 2010

Twitter Marketing – Find Out Why It Is Not Working For You

This is a great new Twitter tactic I just found and wanted to share with everybody.

I am presuming that you already know that network marketing is based upon these two fundamentals. 1) You have to generate traffic that’s aimed at whatever your niche is. 2) You have got to send that traffic to your nerve center by promising something of value. OK, pretty much everyone in network marketing knows this. What they don’t know is HOW to do this.

There are a lot of ways to build traffic. In this post we’ll be targeting social media. More specifically, we are taking a look at Twitter.

What makes Twitter such a great option? There are two reasons. 1) It’s free. Who doesn’t love that? 2) The information is generally available to anybody who would like to use it.

Finding Fans

Once you decide on using Twitter as a marketing plan, you have got to find the right folks. There are 2 ways to do this.

1) – Follow the folks that are following folks with in your niche. There’s a reason they’re following the industry leaders. They need to learn. You can assist them with this. A lot of marketers have already heard this. 2) – Search Twitter for folks who mention your targeted keywords. It’s the box on the right side of the site nearly halfway down. This search function isn’t as widely known or used.

Twitter is for socializing and folks use it to hook up with others. When you get hold of the people you need to connect with, follow them. In most cases, they will return the follow.

Obviously, you’re using Twitter as a marketing tool, but if that’s your single focus, you will fail. Your results using Twitter (and honestly any kind of marketing will massively increase if you connect with people). Don’t just follow people. Send them an e-mail to introduce yourself, (but do not introduce your marketing business).

If you introduce your business to them on your very first “meeting”, they will pay no attention to you. If the thought of not talking about your network marketing business appears crazy, you should spend some quality time studying about Attraction Marketing.

Remember, the network marketing world is about people. It’s of no significance how or where you’re finding your leads, it’s about developing a relationship with people. In this plan of action we’re discussing, you are just beginning to develop the relationship before they become leads.

Find some way to make a personal connection when you start to follow them :
* Comment on a newer tweet
* Talk about something in their profile you liked
* Say something about similar interests you share
* Be funny

What you want is this; when they see your next Tweet pop up, they will feel like they already know you. Do not forget… Don’t talk about your business to them immediately or they can disregard you.

How To Find Content For Your Fans

This is probably the part you have probably not heard before. You don’t always have to make the content yourself. You’ll be able to find other posts that’ll be interesting and relevant to people in your niche. A couple of great places to find these are or You may use article directories, etc.

Then publish the link on your nerve center, but don’t simply make it a page full of links. Again, you should make it personal. There are at least two sentences you ought to use to introduce the link. 1) Tell your readers what you enjoy from the article. The more detailed you are, the better. 2) Tell them what you really like about the author.

By providing a source of content that is valuable and handy to your readers, you are changing into a source of good information for them. By giving them quality suggestions you are becoming a professional and a leader in their eyes.

If you give your Twitter fans quality information (that they can find on your website), your website visitors will be exceedingly centered and fascinated by your niche. If your internet site has a good opt-in offer, you’ll capture some of this traffic to your list.


It fundamentally comes down to this :
* Find fans
* Develop a connection with them
* Link them to your site by providing excellent quality content
* Capture their email address via your opt-in offer

I found this new technique refreshing and just a bit bit different from everything else I’ve read.

What do you think?

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