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August 18, 2010

Tips to Get More Video Viewers

Videos have become a very dominant tool in communicating with readers and the public. It is also not costly to produce. But the problem occurs once you upload it on your website. You do not just display the video in your homepage; you should also consider the other elements involved. It is not about SEO and how to get people to your website. This article will give you tips on how to make people click on the “play” link once they arrive on your website.

The following tips are the best practices gathered through the years. These calls to view techniques will hopefully benefit your site conversion:

1. Give visitors a compelling reason to watch the video. The title should be well-thought out and focuses on the benefits. It can come in the form of a “how to” title. Using words like “powerful”, “funniest”, and “best” may sometimes be appropriate as well, depending on the video. If a well-known personality is featured, be sure to mention his/her name in the title as well.

2. Integrate color changes in the border. This is a very simple trick and no one really knew about its impact until some tests were done. By “lifting” the video off the all-white webpage background, the video stands out in itself and it looks more important. Views can increase to as much as 20%.

3. Choose the graphic image for the video carefully.
When people look at a collection of videos, they scan through a lot of images and will only click on the most interesting ones. Most marketers take the easy way out and use the opening shot of the video as the graphic. If it is not compelling, substitute it with another image that may be taken from within the video itself or from another related source.

4. Describe the video.
Make it a point to describe the video on the graphic image to strengthen its appeal. The message gives them more reason to watch the video to find out what it contains. Be sure to choose a color that is complementary to the background while being easily readable at the same time.

5. State the length of time. Most people think that videos usually last 3-5 minutes. And indeed, this is usually the case. But there are also web videos that last up to 9-10 minutes or more. People don’t want to open lengthy videos so if yours is a short one, place it on the graphic image.

6. Include the video bar. Finally, the video bar makes people feel in control. Don’t take it away for any reason because it lets the user set the volume, pause, play, and reply as they want.

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