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August 27, 2010

Dreamweaver Users Still Need To Understand HTML

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a simple markup language used to create documents designed to be accessed across the World Wide Web using browser software such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The version of HTML in current use is known as XHTML, a stricter, rationalized version of the original HTML specification. One key thing to note about HTML and XHTML pages is that they describe the content and structure of the page rather than the presentation of the elements on the page.

Although you do not need to write HTML code when using Dreamweaver-since the program generates the necessary code as you work visually, it is still necessary to be aware of the elements that make up your pages. This requirement will become apparent when you come to style and position your page content. At this point, you will need at the very least to know-or to know how to find out- the name of an element. (This is where the Tag Selector becomes so useful.)

The HTML HEAD element

A web page consists of two main areas: the head and the body. The body contains all of the elements which will be displayed in the browser window and the majority of which will be visible to the user. The head element, by contrast, contains information about the web page; meta information as it is sometimes called.

The HTML TITLE element

One of the most important elements which can be placed in the head is the title element which should provide a broad heading which reflects the content of the page. It is extremely important that each page should have a title and that the title be pertinent to the page that contains it. Dreamweaver automatically adds a title element to every new page containing the text “Untitled Document”.

The simplest method for modifying the default title in Dreamweaver is to enter a title in the Document Title box of the Document toolbar which is normally displayed at the top of the page.

What is the body element?

The visible elements of a web page are all placed inside the body element; the part that visitors to your site will see in their browser. Clicking on the body tag in the Tag Selector will therefore select everything on the page.

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