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September 8, 2010

Maintaining Your Top Rankings In Google

Top Rankings Maintenance For Google

Over the many years of marketing online, one point has been driven home to me time and again, you must not only get those top rankings in Google for your chosen keyword phrases – but you must maintain them. In other words, you must not only get those top rankings but you must keep them at the top.

Rankings maintenance, link maintenance… call it what you will, for most competitive keywords in Google, if you want to stay at the top you will have to constantly build quality links to your featured web page. Now, there are exceptions, if your domain contains exactly the keyword phrase then this ranking factor alone will probably keep you at the top of the pile.

However, in most cases, my own experiences have shown, if you don’t regularly add links pointing to your promoted web page it will fall off the first page in Google. For very lucrative keywords, this can prove very costly.

One of the easiest ways to build quality one-way links to your web pages is to write keyworded articles and submit them to the many free online article directories. This alone will usually keep your top rankings in Google – I have been doing this for over 7 or 8 years and have consistently kept my listings at the top of Google. If I don’t regularly write these articles, my rankings will fall off the first page in Google.

But article marketing has lost some of its muster in recent years, mainly because of the growng importance of social bookmarking sites in search engine rankings. Obviously, another marketing strategy is to constantly build links to your promoted pages/content through these social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

Most times this is as simple as making it easy for your visitors to bookmark your content. Providing handy bookmark logos and icons will make it easier for your visitors to bookmark your content for you – in the process they’re building valuable one-way links to your web pages and boosting your rankings in the search engines.

Another avenue is YouTube videos… lately I have noticed just getting an active video which receives many comments and good ratings will raise your rankings in Google or rather Google will list your video at the top of their search results which means more targeted traffic to your site or page.
The viral nature of these videos will also help in your link building efforts, since webmasters will often feature the video and also mention/link to your site in the process.

Same goes for Twitter, constantly getting tweets will also keep your page or site in the limelight. Of course, some subtle bribery goes a long way, just offering a free ebook or course if someone tweets your content is a simple, yet very effective way of getting your content noticed more, especially with the search engines.

Another effective tactic is regularly adding keyword related content or pages to your sites and linking back to your promoted page. Don’t overdo this, just naturally add content to your sites as you would normally do and in the process you’re building links to your page, helping you stay at the top in Google.

Regardless of how you go about it, constantly adding links and maintaining your top rankings in Google is a major part of your online marketing. While all this may seem obvious to the professional online marketer, many beginning webmasters and marketers believe once they reach the top in Google, they can sit and relax. They can but after a little while if they don’t maintain and build further links, in most cases these top rankings will soon disappear.