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September 9, 2010

“What We Have Here, Is A Failure To Communicate”

Well Google has done it again, speeding up searches with Google Instant by two seconds by anticipating what they think you want. Excuse me, but have you ever had a conversation with someone who never let’s you finish your sentence before they start to answer with something that has nothing to do with what you were about to say – irritating isn’t it? So here we have another technological solution to a problem that really doesn’t exist. Is the two seconds or so that you save going to improve your life or your business, or are you going to waste an hour visiting websites that you never wanted to go to, and that don’t have what you think you want. Most people don’t even know what they really want and only discover it through the serendipity that search engines traditionally supply. Take that away and you might as well look things up in the phonebook. The people at Google may be smart but they ain’t no Amazing Kreskin.
There is no doubt technology has improved the potential for us to communicate more efficiently but is it’s misuse hurting effectiveness? Recently I was asked to write an article on Unified Communication, the name given to the effort to unify and integrate all the various digital communication devices available in an effort to make communication more efficient. Any discussion of communication and efficiency must not ignore effectiveness – what good is whiz-bang technology when the people using it have lost the ability to present a coherent thought, or have lost the curiosity to learn about things they have never heard of. You can check out the article yourself at

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