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September 15, 2010

7 Reasons To Love HootSuite

Heard about HootSuite? It’s a hoot to use!

Twittering has progressed from a social “message burst” to a full-fledged social media tool, and more applications are being developed around its unique appeal. There’s a new player in this scenario, and it’s a hoot to use! The newest in social media, HootSuite, is pegged as a “social media dashboard”, offering a lot of valuable Twitter resources for those of us that like to Tweet a lot or have multiple accounts.

Below are the reasons why we love this great new tool:

#1 Multi-tasking is a breeze.

Got two or multiple Twitter accounts? It’s much convenient to maintain these accounts without having to crack your head open. The Multi-Editing feature allows you to access and maintain your tweets in each account with easiness, and still maintain privacy of your own Twitter password. Switch back and forth or post to all of your tweets using the HootSuite dashboard and you no longer need to log in and out again!

#2 Ease in running a business.

Social networking has turned in to an income-generating channel, and HootSuite has taken that into a new direction with Multiple editors. You can have a “business” Twitter account with Multiple Editors, and have someone else Tweet information as needed, perhaps have one person tweeting about sales and marketing promos, while another respond to direct messages you may receive! You can even embed your Google Adsense code to your account, and generate additional revenue!

#3 No sweat tweet scheduling.

Scheduling an event, and decide on sending out tweets at various times informing people that the event is coming up? This tool makes it pretty easy to schedule using its date and time feature and send it out later. That way, you don’t have to spend all of your time tied up to the screen and tweeting every so now and then.

#4 Link shortening for optimum impact.

HootSuite shortens links within the system. This amazing tool also allows you to monitor your mentions, even your RTs (tweets re-tweeted by others). Apparently, it’s like a miniature Google Analytics program for your tweets, where your tweets have metric value!

#5 Light and not hard on your computer’s memory.

HootSuite won’t affect the performance and speed of the computer since it’s online based. A very much similar applications like TweetDeck eats up a huge deal of processing time on the hard drive.

#6 Saved keywords.

This great tool allows you to save some of those keyword searches and recover them at the click of a button. No more searching or deciding on the keywords to join in a trend or continue one, as you can have them accessed with ease.

#7 Fantastic navigation.

The HootSuite dashboard is set up with ease in mind similar to the Twitter homepage and easily tabbed. Tabs like “Home”, “@Replies”, “DM’s”, and the like make it a no brainer to use. The display lets you look at information appropriate for a certain account, including keyword monitoring, direct messages, and Groups.

Certainly, HootSuite can change the way your business engages online with its great features! It’s a great tool to use, and I give it two thumbs up!

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