How To Skyrocket Your Perceived Value

It is of great importance that your visitor “see,” the bargain within your offer. There are ways to enhance this perception. People often observer Sales pages with a “what is in this for me,” mindset. Your offer needs to clearly show them what is in it for them.

When someone does form their first impression about your site, would you not want it to be a good one? When we present our product or service to visitors, it is vital that they see the value within as important to their desire to prosper themselves.

Here is where our USP should stand out from the crowd, giving us a keen edge over competitors. This “Unique Selling Proposition” should grab their attention and hold it – all of the way to the conversion point, whether it be to buy, or to opt-in for a newsletter.

Whether it be a capture page, where they enter their email address, or reach for a credit card to purchase, this USP is a critical point in the process in getting conversions.

How does one create a perception of value to first time visitors? In the world of sales online, everyone is clamoring for their attention flashing buy now or click here messages.

To stand alone in the crowd, and be the “first choice” in the mind of “lookers,” one has to offer “more for less,” – greater value, – a unique selling point, that compels them to chose your product or service over the many others.

This is the very reason your USP must compel them to see the greater bargain your offer has over other competitors. The way you present an offer unto visitors is of great importance. You have to “show,” them what greater value your offer contains.

Once they are looking at what you have to present, it is then of utmost importance,to have your sales copy capture prospect’s full attention. To do this, you have to be unique. You want them to transition into a qualified prospect who is a perfect position to order now.

To get them from where they are now, to the desired conversion point,(what you want visitors to do next) you must continue to position your offer in a way that flames their desire. If their attention is distracted from the momentum once started, you could lose their interest, and there goes the sale.

To keep their focus on tract, the elements of persuasion must continue to drive them forward, keenly interested, all the way to the “order now” button, or the “enter email,” conversion point.

To meet this objective, the perceived value they began with must be inflamed with focused precision. This enhances the very thing which caught their eye in the beginning.

These proven marketing methods, press their emotional “hot buttons” triggering their need to fulfill their want. This is done through positioning the perceived value in such a way, that increases the prospects interest, all the way to the point of the “how much” question.

When this is done correctly, even high-end or products or services, can be moved without objection to price, for indeed the prospect has already made up their mind.

The “I’ve got to have this, or I need that,” hurdle, has already been jumped in their thinking. They have been “sold.” They move to the “buy now” button, and proceed without hesitation.

Good copywriters know exactly how to reach each objective in the sales process. Good solid copy begins by first grabbing visitor’s attention, it then directs them into the body copy, and quickly shows them why they are in the right place. They then “know,” they are going to get exactly what they want.

If It is interesting, flows freely, is personable, and engaging, it becomes winning copy because it is not “hyped-up. It shows them perspective, and insight about why this offer is so much better than competitors.

It is punchy, clear and concise. By the time they hit the “order now” button, they are completely happy – and happy with their buying decision, feeling like they have really gotten a great deal.

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  • To “Bridesmaiddress” To get that something done – if you take the same focus you put into the thing you wound up doing – instead of allowing your focus to be “switched” or turned away from what you intended to do: let it harden into firm resolve to stay focused on what you were wanting to get done – before you put it off. Then you will get your first objective done.

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