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September 20, 2010

Promote your Business with Twitter Hashtags

If only there was a way that you could watch your marketing message instantly hit number one in the search results. You didn’t even have to worry about how competitive your key phrase was. All you had to do is submit it and then instantly see that you hold the top place. Well you absolutely can do this!

Alright so maybe I lied a little. I didn’t say WHAT search engine or for how long right? Twitter has a handy feature called a “hashtag” that lets you do just this. Utilizing this to promote your new product, web page or blog post can get you that coveted #1 spot (at least until someone else tweets using the same hashtag).

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a short concatenated word or phrase prefixed with the hash symbol. These hashtags when used in a tweet and clicked by a user will force a twitter search for the term. The resulting search result page will be a list of all tweets that contain the hashtag listed from most recent to oldest.

A couple things happen as a result of using this hashtag:

-Anyone who reads this tweet and clicks on the now hyper linked hash tag will be re-directed to a search result page for it.

-Your tweet will be at the very top of this search result page until someone else tweets with the same hashtag.

Twitter users add hashtags to their tweets as a way to be added to a search result page that people check to see what’s new on that particular topic. Most Twitter users have a list of saved searches they use to check in on topics that interest them. People can hold open forum style conversations in this way without having to follow or be followed by the users in the conversation.

How can I use Hashtags to Market my Website Content?

This is where the real power of Twitter as a business marketing tool comes into play. Let’s say you wrote a new blog post on Widgets. You could take the following steps to make sure that your tweet promoting this new post reaches the most number of readers as well as the most relevant:

-Go to Twitter and use its handy search function to find tweets on Widgets.

-Look for authorities in the field of Widget production in the search results. Follow their tweets back to their profile and see what hashtags they commonly use.

-Click on their hashtags to see if there is an active conversation that relates to your blog post about Widgets. Do the people using that particular hashtag seem like the ideal audience for your blog post?

-If so add the hashtag to your tweet promoting your post.

When Twitter users look at the search results page it will be your tweet at number one!

This system is a perfect way to place your tweets, links and message in front of the exact type of user you would deem ideal for your content. You can also use as many hashtags as 140 characters will permit.You may find that there are a few popular tags people use when talking about your Widgets. Its possible they use #widgets to talk about Widgets in general and #acmewidgets to talk about Widgets made by the ACME corporation. Go ahead and use both if it makes sense.

Using hashtags can expand the reach of your tweets far beyond the wall of those who follow you. It is also a great way to increase the number of followers you have as it will be exposing your words to people interested in the topics that you love to write about.

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