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September 27, 2010

Could Tomorrows Storefront Be Your Web Site?

There is good news. Web based sales have continued to spiral upward year after year. Sales are projected to hit $200 billion by the end of the year. The better news: by the year 2012 this figure will increase to $335 billion.

The internet is making mega dollars for those who implement wise usage of it’s vast potential. It has continually grown in online sales, as more and more people take advantage of buying and selling online.

With the spike in gas prices, it becomes reasonable to shop from home – save the commute to town, save time and effort during the Christmas rush!

Not to mention the bargains that can be found through online auctions, close-outs, and retailers who do not even have to worry about overstocking, or inventory- due to on demand shipping.

It is a safe bet, that those who go global now, are positioning themselves to reap the rewards of this huge marketing bonanza! More and more businesses are stepping up their online presence to where more than half of their overall sales are coming from the Web.

And why not? Why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a brick and mortar store, where only hundreds of visitors may occupy, when they can have an online store which thousands can occupy daily?

Most big stores close for the night, where the dot-com stores never have to close! Why put hundreds of thousands into payroll for employees, when one server can meet the same needs in the digital world?

Why pay megabucks in health care and retirement – if the same results can be gained by retailers who simply sell and do not manufacture?

Don’t get me wrong, there will always be mom and pop stores simply because there are plenty of services that require employees.

But many are finding they can sell online – at a fraction of the cost, of building a retail outlet! This is a trend which will only get bigger.

Which is better, banking three or four million a year in profit, or taking in nine or ten million a year, only to bank two million after overhead?

Those who already have a huge online business, can only look forward to growth. They have proven themselves as a worthy online retailer to their customers.

The customer is pleased to know that whoever they send to your site will get the same treatment as they did.

It becomes a win-win exchange. This is how Fortune 500 companies, and other online retailers can know their expected growth is most likely certain.

It pays well to have your customers best interests at heart, for clients will reward those who take the time and effort to make sure their customers are well pleased.

Who would you buy from? Those who prove to you how important your business is, or those who seems indifferent and treat you as a number?

Your web presence and online appeal is directly related to how your prospects view your site. If it is polished, and a help to their needs and interests first, you can be sure of repeat business.

However, if it comes off as “thrown-up” and offers no help or assistance, but simply offers a shopping cart and an order now button, it is doomed. Bad news travels a little faster than good news in the business world.

If you are serious about growing your online sales, and want to prosper in the coming boom, do yourself and others the favor of hiring a professional writer for your Web content.

It will pay you many times over what you pay them, and once that expense is absorbed, you can face with confidence profits upon profits!

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