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September 27, 2010

The Perpetual Traffic Report: Secrets of Google Revealed

Most of us wants to be at the first page of Google’s search results, right? But it’s hard to get to that top page, let alone the first spot, right?

Wrong. Well, at least, that’s what Ryan Deiss says in the Perpetual Traffic Report. Ryan is one of the most well-known successful internet entrepreneurs today, and he talks about Google’s algorithm, which is based on 3 simple and easily manipulated variables in this report. He says that all you need to do is to analyze these 3 variables Google is pointing out, change your strategy a bit accordingly and watch the free traffic flow like water!

Before you raise your eyebrow in doubt, let me give you these variables straightaway. They are:

1. Content (keywords, domain name, tags, etc.)

2. Links (inbound, outbound, authority, etc.)

3. Activity (traffic, RSS subscriptions, comments, updates,

It used to be that people scrambled for Google Adwords, paid listings, sponsored search listings, etc. But as Ryan clearly shows in his report, there has been a huge disparity and decline in the clicks to these traffic strategies. Here’s what he emphasizes in the Perpetual Traffic Report: organic search traffic is KING!

Every day, more Google users are shifting their focus toward organic search. According to Ryan the key in winning in the first page spot in Google is this: you must do ALL THREE variables.

He emphasizes the fact that Google is now factoring ACTIVITY more heavily in their rankings. The algorithm “places a much greater emphasis on activity and freshness.”

This simply means that having an excellent content and all the links in the world mean nothing if your page remains the same for days and weeks at a time.

Therefore, sites that:

1. Get more blog comments;

2. Generate more RSS subscribers (esp. via, which is owned by Google); and

3. Get a bump in overall traffic.

…have a tendency to move up in the rankings faster and stay there longer. This makes a lot of sense, knowing how some people would devise to spammy links, keyword stuffing and all other black hat techniques just to “trick” Google into believing the site is doing good.

In sum, the Perpetual Traffic Report says:

Content + Links + Activity = PERPETUAL TRAFFIC

Needless to say, human activity is the catalyst of what Ryan calls Perpetual Traffic, and this is how we’re able to use Google’s own tools against. So what this means for us entrepreneur is leveraging and capitalizing on Google’s new algorithm is that we need to labor hard on ALL of the following:

1. Quality CONTENT


Measurable ACTIVITY

Measurable activity will perhaps be the biggest challenge of all, since this obviously takes time, building relationships and engaging in truly valuable conversations. The Perpetual Traffic Report only provides us the beginning of a task yet to be completed. How we can maintain consistency in all three – content, links and activity is completely up to us.

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