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September 29, 2010

How To Design Website Graphics With Commercial Design Software

If you want to design website graphics, then commercial software is the best way to go about it. There is a lot of design software out there, but it is generally expensive.

There is also inexpensive design software that is not nearly as functional as it needs to be to provide you with all the design tools that you need, and finally there is free software that offers about everything you will find on the most expensive.

Which you choose to use is up to you, but it is likely worth testing the free software first before anything else. If that works for you then you need look no further and save yourself a fortune into the bargain.

Good web graphics can be all that is needed to persuade visitors to stay and find out what else your website has to offer. The problem is that most people have no idea how to design them themselves and rely on free graphics images that are hardly unique.

While you might want lovely website graphics on your webpage, there’s not a lot you can do without good graphic design software. What if you want a new purchase button, or a nice looking header and footer for each of your web pages? What about an eBook cover for your new product?

You won’t get any change from $100 for a decent eBook cover, yet the software that will enable you to produce your own is available free online.

Perhaps you use a clipart bank, but the problem with these is that you pay for the graphics, and if you do use free ones they usually have an advert watermarked into them. In any case, standard graphics are not always suitable for your site, and need some editing before they look good.

Most clipart is no good for eBook or report covers, and you will struggle to find any that offer a decent website header.

Most people believe the only solution to be expensive software, but there is a lot more out there than you might be aware of. You can join a graphics club, for example, where, for a monthly fee you are sent a whole host of graphics. However you will likely find that you don’t need most of it.

Alternatively you can download graphics software that is available online at absolutely no cost whatsoever. As stated earlier, it’s your choice whether you want to use that or simply go straight to Photoshop or something similar. That might be the best option, for you at least, but you will never know if you have never tried something cheaper – or even free!

What is it with some people that they look down on free software? They would rather pay $500 or more than use free software that offers them everything they are likely to ever need. Is it because they believe that a free version can’t be anything like as good as the real thing? In some cases the free version is the real thing, and the paid version simply a copy of it.

There is a lot of Open Source software that has been hijacked, tarted up and sold in a fancy eBox under a different name. People will pay $199 for that, yet refuse to download the same thing free, and the only difference is the fancy box and fancy name.

You can use the same Open Source software by downloading it free without the fancy box or fancy name. You can use it to design your own website graphics, your own headers and footers, buttons, bullet graphics, eBook covers and even use it to edit your photographs.

Others believe that there must be a catch and that once you download it you will find that it isn’t much use without this enhancement or that plugin that you have to purchase. Not so. Nothing else is needed to design your first web page.

Maybe you have heard about free software being associated with Adware and Spyware. Now that is true, but only if downloaded from dodgy sites and the better free stuff is guaranteed free of this sort of malware.

It is your choice, though those have tried various types of Open Source software have been delighted with the results. So if you want to design website graphics, then there are free commercial software packages out there just waiting for you to try.

To download the Gimp and its manual free of charge, and learn more about using it, visit Pete’s website at