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October 4, 2010

How to Get More Web Traffic by Adding Free Tools to Your Blog

What’s the one thing that any blog just can’t survive without? Traffic. Whether you blog is a hobby blog or that’s designed to make you money, they all need traffic. However, if your blog is of the money making variety it’s probably much more important that you get as much traffic as you can.

Personal blogs also need a steady regular flow of traffic.

But that is purely optional. On the other hand, if you are running a blog with a business mindset, then it’s nothing without a non-stop stream of traffic.

Just typing the phrase “how to get more web traffic” into any of the popular search engines will reveal a host of links to all sorts of traffic driving schemes, from the free and legal to the paid for and sometimes of questionable legality. But before jumping to any of them, you first need to understand the working methodology and benefits of using such free tools in your blog.

RSS reader: This can be one of the best tools to make it easy to keep your readers updated and visiting your blog. When you use this tool in your blog, you give the readers a chance to get latest updates from your blog 24/7. With this in place it is one of the real proven tools for traffic creation.

Technorati: Technorati is a must for any blog owner. It’s one of the topmost social bookmarking sites. Once you insert the required code, a button with the name of Technorati appears in your blog. Moreover, when you submit your blog to Technorati, it’s pretty much guaranteed that a lot of fresh visitors will be automatically arriving at your blog through the Technorati platform.

Digg, Facebook etc: When you add these free buttons to your blog, then you can you can feel pretty confident that you’ll get a slow but steady stream of web traffic. If someone likes the content of your blog and Diggs it, and it spreads, then you should get a nice little unexpected boost to your traffic.

Twitter: The growth of Twitter as promotional tool for blogs has been nothing short of sensational. To say that the user base of twitter is on the rise would be quite an understatement. By the simple act of adding a Twitter button you can unleash an avalanche of traffic. Moreover, promote your blog posts on a regular basis via twitter to ensure maximum web traffic.

Use a ping service: In the simplest terms, pinging means informing the search engines like Google that you have added new content to your blog. There are several free ping services available over the internet, which can be used free of cost. By signing up for any of the ping services your site will get more traffic as a result of the more frequent indexing of you blog pages.

So, rather than wondering how to get web traffic for your blog, you first need to understand the basics of getting web traffic. This will allow you to make effective use of various online tools and promote your blog the way you want.

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