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What Is Meant By Site Activity?

webtrafficSite activity is a new and important part of the Google algorithm used for ranking websites for specific keywords. Only recently has Google made this new aspect of site activity and integral part of their ranking process.

Recently the search engine has been buying up companies that supply tool bars for browsers which track user activity. This will enable Google to monitor traffic to websites from all different sources and even for those websites that do not have their analytics software installed.

Originally, it was the site content that was most important for optimizing and achieving good rankings in the search engines. There was a time in the 1990s that optimize content, and often times what we now consider over optimized content, was all that was required in order to get good traffic to websites via search engines.

Then later Google added the importance of back linking. A backlink is simply a link which occurs on another website pointing back to a different website. Google implemented what they call their page rank scale, which can be seen for any web page by installing the Google toolbar, which tracks not only the numbers but also the quality of the sites back linking to a given web page.

All things being equal, the higher the quality and quantity of back links to a given site will enable that site to rank better in the search engines for giving keywords. So for quite some time it was mainly the content in the back linking to a given page that allowed Google to determine how they would write that page for a specific search keyword. Of course are ways to manipulate the back linking. There are programs and software available which can obtain mass backlinks in a short amount of time.

Google of course realizes these programs are available to webmasters and they have their limitations on the numbers of backlinks and the timing of those links to given web pages. In other words too many backlinks too soon can result in a much poorer ranking and sometimes even a banning of the websites if Google determines to aggressive back linking was used to manipulate the rankings.

Because there are ways to manipulate the back linking system, Google has now made site activity an important part for how they rank web pages. Basically, site activity is simply traffic to specific web pages from different sources.

For example, traffic to come into a webpage from YouTube videos,twitter, Facebook, article directories, blog postings, other websites, and forum postings. These would all be considered traffic and site activity which Google could track via their Google analytics software and also the many browser tool bars they are purchasing.

Webmasters must realize that nowadays quality content and backlinks are not the only thing required for search engine optimization. In addition to those important aspects of SEO, site activity must now be considered also. For a new website, traffic is always difficult to obtain in the beginning. Some of the quickest ways to obtain traffic from a variety of sources is video marketing, article marketing, and social media. These are all easy to implement and will provide the much needed site activity Google needs to see in order to rank specific pages well.

Keep in mind that the more competition there is for a given area no more important site activity will be for achieving first page rankings in the search engines.

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