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October 6, 2010

16 Questions Critical To Starting An Internet Business

It is usually overwhelming for a prospective internet marketer at the point of starting an internet business.

What with the many aspects he has to consider.

1. Does it matter whatever domain name I pick?

2. How much should I invest in this online business initially before it starts generating revenue?

3. What advertising sources do I invest in and which do I get free?

4. What website type do I use – static or dynamic?

5. What online marketing training program do I join to put me through? Which are the best of these online marketing training programs?

6. Which forums do I hang out at where I can find my colleagues in a similar niche? Which are the best of these forums?

7. How do I get my website set up? Do I design it from scratch, use templates or even go for an already completely set up website?

8. What plethora of internet marketing tools and resources am I required to keep and utilize?

9. On completion of my website set up, how do I subsequently keep updating it? Update myself or outsource?

10. If I learn to update my website, what software or web platform is most ideal for me to get this done?

11. What blogging platform do I use – blogger or wordpress?

12. Do I start with just one internet affiliate program and after making some progress begin to add others?

13. Of the available internet affiliate programs, which do I join?

14. How will the internet affiliate programs I intend selecting pay me my commissions?

15. How fast will I start to make money online with affiliate program?

16. Can my country’s nationals fit perfectly into the internet affiliate programs I intend getting involved with?

As you can see, these are all valid questions that arise in starting an internet business and I can go on and on.

It should by now be apparent that there are so many other necessary questions that you cannot even imagine, given the depth of your training and experience in internet marketing as at now.

It is thus best you seek guidance in starting your own small business, as some mistakes made at the outset cannot be corrected later on, along your internet marketing journey.

The objective of pointing out a microcosm of the necessary questions that should arise in starting an internet business therefore, is for you to get assistance before it is too late.

This assistance is best with an online marketing training program and many are free.

When you join such a program, it is like killing many birds with one stone, as you discover that most of these questions get addressed and you get tailored towards achieving your objective.

Of course, you have to join the best of these online marketing training programs which has the characteristics of a good online marketing training program, to get value, as there abound many out there that are mere theoretical programs which will not serve your purpose.

The questions identified above are not theoretical such as can be addressed in an e-book or a theoretical course but requires a multidimensional practical approach which is best given in a good online marketing training program.

Let us quickly drill down to just one of the above questions – How do I get my website set up? Do I design from scratch, use templates or even go for already completely set up money making websites?

When you are new to internet marketing and web designing, I will advise you to go for pre-setup money making websites as there are a lot of things to take into consideration in setting up a website for internet marketing purposes such as on-site search engine optimization.

It is also for this reason that it is advisable you get money making websites from an online marketing training program rather than just have a web designer design one for you as many things that are internet marketing related have to be taken into consideration if your website is to perform optimally in the search engines, which you may not know contributes about 70% of traffic to websites on the internet.

Again, perhaps you do not know yet, traffic is the lifeblood of any internet marketing business, as your website is as good as dead without traffic.

Is it any surprise therefore that in starting an internet business, you have to carefully select an online marketing training program to lead you along the right path?

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