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October 13, 2010

Discover the Relationship between Targeted Traffic and Affiliate Profits

We are all aware of the fact that unless we generate traffic to our legitimate online businesses we are not going to be making too many sales of the affiliate income opportunities we have on offer. There are those people who will tell you that all traffic is good and while this is true to a point just driving untargeted traffic to your website is not really the whole truth.

There is a huge difference between targeted and untargeted traffic and the key to success and making lots of affiliate product sales is to understand the relationship of both kinds and how it affects your affiliate profits. This is important if you want to get the best results for your efforts.

Here are some of the differences between targeted and untargeted traffic:

1. Targeted Traffic is usually defined as such; if they have pre-qualified themselves in some way. For example if it has come either through a search engine or an email newsletter or even through a sales page or banner ad.

This type of traffic is generally made up of people who are interested in the niche products and information that you are promoting, and have taken some sort of action to prove it.

2. Untargeted traffic on the other hand is usually a viewer that may have seen your website or your ad under other circumstances that would not be considered as pre-qualified. These are usually people who have come to your online businesses websites via a pay to click type of site where a member will just click on your ad in order to earn extra money, it does not mean that they have any interest in what you are selling or in the information that may be available on your website.

So now that you can see the difference between targeted and untargeted traffic you should be able to understand why generating targeted traffic is so important. Can you imagine if you had a website that was aimed at selling golf equipment and the visitors to your site had absolutely no interest in the game at all, what are the chances that any of them would stay there for more than a minute or that they might become customers? It would surely be far better to have 100 visitors who were searching on Google for a website selling golf equipment than to have 1000 that’s only interest was the fact that they were getting paid to visit your website.

This is why Google traffic is rated so highly, the reason being that anyone who visits your website is doing some research on Google and looking for the information and type of products that you are promoting. Higher quality traffic will mean better sales for your affiliate products.

What is great about targeted traffic is that it will not only improve your conversions but will also finish up generation even more traffic to you online legitimate businesses. Provided your website contains good content and useful information the possibility of your visitors sharing this with others on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook is pretty strong and this can lead to more direct traffic and backlinks to your website and will not involve any extra work on your part.

Untargeted traffic will not give you this added benefit for the simple reason that they have nothing invested in your content and information and as they really are not interested in your niche or anything that you have to say they will not be bothered to share your website with anyone else.

As you can see there is a vast difference between targeted and untargeted traffic and hopefully now that you understand what it is you will realize why targeted traffic is preferable. The advantages you will gain from driving targeted traffic to your legitimate online businesses can give you great gains in profitability which you will not get from untargeted traffic.

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