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October 15, 2010

Private Label Rights Traffic Tip

Maybe the idea of rewriting content around keywords doesn’t sound like your cup of tea. That’s fine – you can still load Private Label Rights content up on your website or blog and pull traffic in like crazy.


By “bookmarking” your site (with appropriate tags and/or in appropriate categories) on the most popular social bookmarking sites. The end result is that you probably won’t get traffic from the search engines but you WILL be pulling in traffic from the high-traffic Web 2.0 sites.

But this type of marketing does not come without a catch

You can’t just bookmark bland content and expect people to visit. What you want your visitors to do is get excited and tell their friends – and in the case of social bookmarking, that means you want your visitors to bookmark and rate your site.

What this means you need to choose your best Private Label Rights content to post to your website or blog. If the content reads like every other article , people won’t bookmark it. But if you use the content that’s well-written or even a little edgy, you’ll have traffic bookmarking and rating your site like crazy!

Bookmarking Tips

To make your social-bookmarking efforts even more effective, be sure to add the social bookmarking buttons on your web pages, so that your visitors can quickly and easily bookmark your site. This will improve your rankings on these sites, meaning more people will visit …and more will bookmark it.

While there are plenty of social bookmarking sites online, you’ll want to focus your efforts on the most popular and high-traffic sites.

You will need to do your homework here, as there are better sites then others to place your article, be sure to include a link to your site or affiliate program with in your article.

As you are only getting your article bookmarked, links will be your key to getting traffic to your site, and unlike submitting to article sites you will be able to included your links here.

As you can see there are many was to get traffic to your site and this is just one of them but be sure to keep track on more of my articles in the coming weeks as we will be including more and more tips to drive that all important traffic and customers to your site.

Just touching on a point we made before please make sure the content you are looking to bookmark is fresh and new and not just copied and pasted, as you want something new that will keep your reader interested, I can not stress just how important this is to your online success.

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